Thomas WATTSON of Wakehill, 1766, Summary of Will

Summary of Will of Thomas WATTSON of Wakehill, Carpenter
Made 25 January 1766
Proved 6 June 1766
By Carol Metcalfe

Wife Margaret Wattson
Four pounds yearly paid out of leasehold lands, tenements and premises at
Wakehill, during her natural life, to be paid to her quarterly, first payment 13
weeks after decease. For default of payment being lawful for her to enter into
and upon the leasehold lands tenements and premises at Wakehill and
have hold possess and enjoy the same until full payment be made, together
with the costs in law about the same. Also to wife the bed as it now is and
standeth whereon I usually layeth; the west end of the house where I now
dwell containing one room, during her life and also some necessary
household goods.

Daughters Agnes, Margaret, Isabel, Elizabeth Wattson, every one of them
eight pounds.

Daughter Dorothy Carlile, three pounds.

All above legacies to be paid by executor out of leasehold lands tenements
and premises aforesaid within one whole year after the decease of wife
Margaret Wattson.
If any of daughters die before her their share to be divided amongst survivors,
unless they leave any issue, then their share to go to their own issue.

Also unmarried daughters given liberty and freedom to dwell in a place called
Bakehouse, so long as they are unmarried and choose to dwell there but
if they refuse to dwell there themselves they shall not let it to farm to any person.

Son Godfrey Wattson, twenty pounds to be paid by executor out of leasehold
lands at Wakehill, when he is 21. If he dies before he is 21, executor to pay ten
pounds at the time he would have been 21, equally among living daughters and
issue of daughters as be dead. For default of payment of these legacies, it shall
be lawful for any of the above legatees to enter into and upon leasehold lands
tenements and premises at Wakehill and to have, hold, occupy possess and enjoy
or sell and dispose thereof to the intent each respective legacy be paid.

Son George Wattson
All houses leasehold lands tenements and premises [except that given to wife
for her life and the Bakehouse given for their lives to unmarried daughters who
choose to dwell there] These to said son at their decease during the termination
of estate title and interest therein.
Also all goods quick and dead and all personal estate.

Son George Wattson appointed sole executor

Thomas Wattson marks T and seal

Ralph Pearson marks +
Dorothy Pearson marks +
John Pickersgill signs

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