Henry ROBINSON of Carlsmoor 1837 Summary of Will

Summary of Will of Henry Robinson of Carlsmoor 1837, Yeoman, by Carol Metcalfe
Made 26.12.1836, proved 21.1.1837

nephew John HODGSON son of Louisa HODGSON £50
nieces Ann and Hannah HODGSON daughters of niece Mary HODGSON deceased
£100 each
brother William ROBINSON £180

Elizabeth BARKER dwelling house next to house where Richard SPENCE now dwells and new turf house and all fuel in new turf house also garden in front of dwelling house and garden at end of new turf house about fifteen and a half yards long by four yards wide at the end in a range with the cowhouse and also a free road to the turf house, shade and garden and a free liberty of water from the pump at the backside of his dwelling house
also £12 yearly to be paid from house and premises he occupied formerly belonging to Edward DALLOW
also all household furniture and the oven, range and fire irons from the middle room on the ground floor of his house and all other effects in his dwelling house except dairy utensils, for her lifetime.
Elizabeth BARKER shall also remain in his house with the garden in front undisturbed for 2 years without any rent being paid

After the decease of Elizabeth BARKER, all household furniture to be divided between her son and daughter Joseph BARKER and Jane BARKER
Joseph BARKER the house adjoining the house where Richard SPENCE dwells, turf house, gardens, shade, road and water as above and £200.
Jane BARKER £100

nephew John ROBINSON son of brother John ROBINSON of Moor Monkton all residue and remaining real and personal estate and effects.
nephew John ROBINSON ground and premises called High Ground which was purchased from W SMITH. Debts and expenses to be paid from this.

executors in trust
nephew Joseph BARKER artist? son of Elizabeth of Carlsmoor, kirkby malzeard par and
nephew John ROBINSON of Monkton Moor, Ripon par, farmer

Henry Robinson signs
Thomas KENDRAY senior
Thomas Cundall
Richard ARSHER

total less than £300

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