George DUFFIELD of Swetton, 1691, Inventory

George Duffield 1691. Inventory
Transcribed by Sheila K Douglas

A True Inventory made March the Third Anno Dm’ 1691 of all the
Goods and Chattells that was late George Duffield of Swetton in the
Parish of Kirkby Malzeard and County of Yorke revised and apprized
by these four honest men whose names are under written the day
and yeare above written

Impiris his purse and Apparell £00 10s 00d
Itm i Clogg bedstead with 3 Little Chests £00 4s 00d
Itm one Table and forme £00 3s 00d
Itm i Little Table & i Buffett Stoole £00 3s 00d
Itm i Milke forme with 6 small boards £00 is 6d
Itm a Churne & i Cheese Trough £00 is 00d
Itm Spoakes & fellows £00 3s 00d
Itm Girthe £00 is 00d
Itm 13 Bowles & 2 Cheese fats & Sinkers £00 2s 6d
Itm i0 Cowbands £00 0s 6d
Itm pewter £00 5s 0d
Itm i Iron pott I spit w’th i old Style £00 4s 0d
Itm i old Cupboard w’th i old Long Settle & some other
small Hustlem’ts £00 2s 0d
Itm i Reckon i paire of Tongs & i old Brand iron £00 is 0d
Itm i hamer paire of pincers & i Spoke Share £00 0s 6d
Itm i Mare with one Cart & Coupe with wheels & i harrow and
i small parcel of Hay £2 10s 0d
Itm 2 Geese with one Gander £0 3s 0d
Itm Sume £4 15s 0d

(The following item is only an attempt at transcribing Latin,
and is not likely to be correct! If there is anyone who knows Latin,
then please feel free to contact me Sheila Douglas via the ‘Contact’ page. Thanks)

“Rogerus Beckwith, Barronettus, Dominno proprietarius sive firmarins nemon
Christos Jurisdirroms peculiaris dissolute nupor prebendee do Massam tine fimdat
Dilecto nobis in Xpo Ghelmo Burk Chro Salutem in Dno ad interessand ac vico
loco of nomine uris Richardum Richmond de Skelden in Com’r Ebor
Yeom’r Crediterem primlem Georgy Duffield impor de Swetton Jurisdittenis
prad abinlefato (uti asserilure) defimc’h juramenlot Corporale onerand de
fidelr Administranits oumia et Singula bona Juca Credila, Cattalla sive Chattallao
ojusd’m defimcti modo et forma, inforins descript Nernon Cauronem pesontebus
anned pefatie Richardum Richmond ac fidejussors snos in ea parto suffirontes
Signant sigiland ac deliborand ad ufum inobi menconats recipiend libi
igr de Cujus fidelilate plucune in hac parte Cinfidentes vices et auctalem
uras ac plenar lenoro pesonline Comittimmo potopalem Rogantes quatus domini
do quod in pemissio feceris nos Seu aloptim urum quemcimge apud Ebor
Chra diem Generie d’cimid ac tard vid diem Monfie Marchy jam Justemtie
unace Juventario vero pleno et psorto ouiue et Singulorum Gonorum Jucium
Creditorum Cattallorum sive Chattallorum dci defimcli Legibitr Subscript
debilo Certificos unacum pesonlibus Dal’e Ebor SubSigillo officy uri prad
lecleo die Monfio Marchy Anno Dm’ millimo Sexteumo
nonogesmo primo.
Robtus Oates
Deror juvanti Administratoris”

You shall sweare that George Duffield, deceased, dyed without making any
will that you know of and that you will well and truly Administer all and
singular the Goods and Chattells of the said Dec’d, that is, you shall pay his
debts soe farr as his Goods will extend and Law shall Guid you And shall alsoe
Exhibit a true Inventory of his p’sonall Estate and make a true and just accompt of
the same when you shall be thereunto Lawfully Called. So help you God

By vertue of this Commission, Administration was Lawfully granted to ye
above named Richard Richmond, (of all the goods, Creditts, Cattells
& Chattells, of the above s’d George Duffield, late deceased) upon the
twelfth day of March, in An’o 1691.
Wm Buck

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