George UMPLEBY of Carlesmoor, 1768, Will

Last Will and Testament of George UMPLEBY of Carlesmoor dated 10th October 1766, proved 1st July 1768
Transcribed by Sheila K Douglas

In the name of God Amen I George Umpleby of Carlesmoor in the Parish of
Kerbymalzeard and County of York Linen Weaver being weak of Body but of sound and perfect mind and memory praised be Almighty God for the (same) do make and Publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following

First I give and bequeath to Faith Umpleby my Loving wife the East end of the House wherein I now Dwell Containing two low Rooms with Chambers over them; her choice of one of my Beds with what is necessary thereto, and the rooms furnished to her own mind with necessary Household Goods; together with Liberty and Conveniency to lay her peats or turfs in the old turf House as it is now called, which said East end of the House I give to her during her Natural life if she chooses there to Dwel, herself but not to farm lett or put any other person in possession thereof.

Also I give to my said Wife four pounds ten shillings yearly and every year during her Natural life to be paid her at two half year payments in each year the first payment to be made a half year after my Decease the other at the years end or day of my Death and to be paid the amount till the day of her Death and for Default in payment of the Said Annuity when the same comes due, then my will and mind is that my Said Wife shall and lawfully may Enter into and upon those Closes called Back Close, High Birk Close, Low Birk Close, and a Gate or adjustment for a Cow in Carlesmoor pasture, and the same to have, hold possess and injoy until the said Annuity be fully paid with all arrears if any be.

Also I forgive Abraham Spence my Son in law a Debt of twenty pounds for which I have his Bill, and after the Decease of my wife I give to Abraham Spence my son aforesaid his heirs or assigns the sum of fifty pounds to be paid within one whole year after my wife decease and I charge my lands at Carlesmoor with payment thereof I also give and bequeath to Martha Spence my Grand Daughter the sum of ten pounds to be paid by my Executor hereafter named forth of my Lands at Carlesmoor when she arives at the age of twenty one years and I charge the said Lands with payment thereof

And lastly I give and bequeath to Leonard Umpleby my Son all my Houses lands and tenements of what nature or kind so ever the same be lying and being at Carlesmoor or else during the termination of my estate and Interest therein yet nevertheless Subject to the payment of the Annuity and Legacies above Mentioned

And all the rest and remainder of my goods Chattels and personal Estate whatsoever and wheresoever I give and bequeath to Leonard Umpleby my Son and I do hereby appoint him my Said Son Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament

In witness whereof I George Umpleby have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this tenth day of October One thousand Seven hundred and Sixty Six

George G(his mark)V Umpleby

Signed, Sealed, published and Declared by the }
Said George Umpleby for and as his last Will }
and testament in presence of us and witnessed }
by us in his presence and at his request }

Edward Dallow
John Pickersgill

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