George RIPLEY of Swetton, 1680, Inventory and Condition

Inventory and Condition for George Ripley of Swetton dated 2nd February 1680
Transcribed by Sheila K Douglas

18th Feb 1680. Ripley, George of Swetton
A true and perfect Inventorie of all the Goods and Chattells of George Ripley late
of Swetton in the Parish of Kirkby malzeard and Countie of Yorke yeoman
praised by uss whose names are hereunto subscribed the second day of Febbruary
in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred and eightie as followeth

Itm his purse and Apparell £1 6s 8d
Itm in the hall house one Cubbort one long table one buffitt forme
one other table and buffitt stoole and two turned chairs £1 10s 00d
Itm ten pewter Dishes Smaule and Greate 4 pewter kandle
Sticks one brass kandle sticke and one brass Chassin Dish
one brass morter and postle one brass ladle one fish scimer one
brass pott two little kettles two pans with other smaul pewter £1 6s 8d
Itm in the west parlour one stand bed and beding belonging to itt
two panill Chairs 3 Clogg chists one buffitt Stoole one
little trounk 3 Coffers and one Duzon of Quishins £1 6s 00d
Itm two pair of Linn sheets halfe a dozen of pillow boors? Course
and fine one Tablecloth and a Dozon of Table Napkins
one other Tablecloth and 3 pairs of Course Sheets with
Some other smaule Lining £2 00s 00d
Itm one warmin pan £00 5s 00d
Itm one Smothing iron £00 1s 00d
Itm two pairs of Tongs two Reckons two Spitts two pair of Iron
Kasks £00 3s 00d
Itm in the Milkhouse one Crinbling? 3 Hogg forms 2 dozen of Milk
bouls 3 Skeels? and two kitles £00 10s 00d
Itm in the Low parlour one clogg bed one Great chist one Cheese
press one barrel Chirne with all other huslements aboute
the house £1 00s 00d
Itm one quarter of thresht oates £00 10s 00d
Itm in the Barnes Unthresht Corne £4 00s 00d
Itm Standing upon the farme and in the barnes of hay £6 00s 00d
Itm Nine milk Kine? and Quyes? £16 00s 00d
Itm 4 Draught Steers £10 00s 00d
Itm one Steer and A Quye? £2 10s 00d
Itm 4 Stirks and 6 Calves £5 10s 00d
Itm five Store Sheepe £20 00s 00d
Itm one ould mare one Stagg and one little geld nagg £4 00s 00d
Itm one ould Cart and one ould coope and C t g £00 05s 00d
Itm Bread flour? and C (page torn & missing) £00 10s 00d £78 12s 8d

Debts owne?by the (page torn and missing) £00 6s 00d
unto Thomas Ripley £6 00s 00d
Itm unto Ellin Brathwaite £4 5s 00d
Itm unto John Ripley £7 15s 00d
Itm funerall expenses £2 10s 08d
Itm for the half year Rent £14 15s 00d
Itm more for Rent in arrear £00 14s 00d
on me to the Deceased upon Specialltine? £ 7 16s 00d

John Man
Tho: Ripley
John Faubert
John Dowall????

This condition of the within written obligation is such that if the within bounden
Elizabeth Ripley Doe well and truly pay or cause to be payed
unto Frances and Rosamund Ripley naturall and lawfull
Children of George Ripley late of Swetton all Such fillial child parts and
portions Gifts Grants Legacyes and bequests Sume and Sumes of money and
all other rights dues and demands whatsoever due unto them by the death will
and bursutory of their Sons father deceased or other wife when they shall
accomplish the age of one and twenty years be married or otherwise lawfully
demand the same and in the means so you doe well and truely educate and
bringe them up with meat and drink Cloth and all other necessarye desiring
their authority and just accompte of the premises when they shall be lawfully
called and (if need aquire) enter into such further bond with more Sufficient
Suretyes for performance of the premises at the Comissary of the said
Jurisdiction shall thinke so requisite

And lastly Save, Defend and her interest keepe the within named farmer and the
said Comissary of the said Jurisdiction and all other their officers and administers
whatsoever by reason? of the premises then this obligation within written to be
void or else to remaine in full force and virtue

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