GRA/I/NGE Family of CASTILES and BOWES in Dallowgill, 1700s

Researched by Carol Metcalfe
Kirkby Malzeard Parish Registers
Burnsall Parish Registers
Will of William Grainge of Bowes in Dallowgill 1695
Will of Thomas Grainge of Bowes in Dallowgill 1700
Will of Thomas Grainge of Bowes in Dallowgill 1750

The earliest record of Gra/i/nge in the Kirkby Malzeard parish registers is
Burial 1655/07/14 of Grange Ralfe of Bowes [in Dallowgill]
He could have been the father or grandfather of the Grainges in later records.

William Grainge of Bowes in Dallowgill was buried at Kirkby Malzeard on 2.6.1695. His will, 1695 shows that he had a brother Thomas and nephew Leonard, who had a daughter Susana. William also had nieces Jane Burrell, Susana Grainge and Ellin Grainge.

William’s brother Thomas died at Larton [Laverton] 1700 and was buried at Kirkby Malzeard on 26.3.1700. His will, made in 1696 when he was of Bowes in Dallowgill,confirmed that the nephew and nieces mentioned in William’s will were all children of Thomas. They were probably born c1660 but none were baptised at Kirkby Malzeard. His daughter Jane was the wife of John Burrell of East Witton and they had married at Kirkby Malzeard on 28.4.1685. The parish registers of East Witton do not start early enough to include John’s baptism. Jane and John lived at Larton and Thomas was probably with them when he died. In 1705 the Kirkby Malzeard parish register records John’s suicide, then of Swetton, and burial; 1705/07/09 Burrel John hanged himself Sweeton. Jane remarried at Kirkby Malzeard on 27.4.1710 to Richard Parker

In the 1680s, the children of Leonard Grainge of Dallowgill, son of Thomas, are recorded in the Kirkby Malzeard baptism registers. Leonard and his wife Jane’s marriage must have taken place before 1683 but was not at Kirkby Malzeard. The children they had baptised were:

1683/10/07 Grainge Susanna
Sponsors/Wm Burrell/Middlesmore, Jane Grainge [Leonard’s sister?], Mary Steward/both Dallagill

1685/11/08 Grange Wm
Sponsors/Wm Carlile/Skellgill, Wm Grainge/Dallowgill, Joan Ripley
William lived only a short while and was buried 1685/12/02

Also in the burial register there is 1687/02/10 burial Grainge Jane wife of Leonard of Dallagil

MARRIAGE 1690/09/04 Leonard Grange & Anne Braithitt both of Dallagill. They had two children baptised:

1692/05/28 Grange Anne

1693/12/02 Grange Sarah
[She married at KM on 1719/04/07 Graing Sarah of Kerby & Wm Fall of Rippon]

Anne Grange wife of Leonard of Dallagill was buried on 1694/01/03

MARRIAGE 1696/01/29 Leonard Grange of Dallagill & Mgt Pailer of Netherdale. Their children were:

1697/01/13 Grange Mgt

1698/04/30 Grange Leonard
[Possibly 1762/06/19 burial of Ann Grange wife of Leonard the elder of Kerby Malzerd]

1699/09/30 Grange Thomas [Buried at Kirkby Malzeard 1749/08/29, aged 50. His will, Thomas Grainge of Castiles was proved in 1750. See below]

1701/01/04 Grainge Luce daughter of Leonard of Dalleygarth
[Her burial was on 1724/01/18 Graing Luce dau of Leonard of Dallagil, aged 23]

1702/07/04 Grange Beatrice [buried 1703/07/01, aged 1]

1704/01/08 baptism of another Grainge Beatrice daughter of Leonard Dallagill

c1705? Faith, there is no baptism record in the Kirkby Malzeard registers but it seems likely that it was another daughter of Leonard and Margaret Grainge, whose marriage is recorded 1732/08/10 Faith Graing & Geo Humbleby. See the Will of George Umpleby 1768

1707/05/11 Grainge Jane

1709/01/23 Grainge Deborah

1711/03/11 Graing Hope

1712/11/15 Grange Charity

So Leonard had 3 wives and 15 children, 13 of whom lived to adulthood. There are then burial records:
1721/07/23 Mgt Grange wife of Leonard of Dallogill
1732/03/01 Leonard Graing of Dallogil

Thomas Grange son of Leonard of Dallagill [above], was baptised on 30.9.1699 at Kirkby Malzeard. His first marriage took place on 2.7.1728, by banns at Burnsall, Thomas Grange of Dallowgill of the parish of Kirkby Malzeard , yeoman and Issabell Blackburne of Thorpe of the parish of Burnsall, spinster married by the Revd. Mr R Carr with Certificate from the Revd. Mr Safe of Kirkby Malzeard.

Their children were baptised at Kirkby Malzeard:

1729/07/16 Graing Leonard son of Thomas of Dalogill

1731/08/28 Graing Thomas son of Thomas of Dallogill.
[Son Thomas was buried 1751/03/07 Grainge Thomas of Dallowgill, aged 19]

1733/04/07 Grainge Wm son of Thomas of Dallogill

1735/10/03 Grainge John son of Thomas of Dallogill

1738/04/19 Grainge Robert son of Thomas of Bowes [in Dallowgill]

The wife of Thomas died in 1739 and was buried at Kirkby Malzeard
1739/01/05 burial Isabell Grainge wife of Thomas of Dallagill

MARRIAGE 1740/07/01 Thomas Grainge and Frances Gill of Dallogill (By Banns)
They had three daughters:

1741/09/20 Grainge Mgt daughter of Thomas of Dallogill
[Burial 1741/11/15 Grainge Mgt daughter of Thos of Dallogill, aged 2 months]

1743/01/06 Grainge Mary daughter of Thomas of Dallogill

1744/04/29 Grainge Isabell daughter of Thomas of Dallogill
[Burial 1748/10/18 Grainge Isabell daughter of Thomas of Dallowgill, aged 4]

Thomas Grainge himself died aged 50, in 1749 and was buried at Kirkby Malzeard:
1749/08/29 Thomas Grainge of Dallowgill. He left a will, made in 1749 and proved in 1750.

This will mentions:
Sons: Leonard, Thomas, William, John, Robert
Wife Frances
Daughter Mary
Brother in law, John Bearper
[Hope Grainge, daughter of Leonard of Dallowgill and brother of Thomas of Castiles, married John Bearper on 1732/12/27, both of Kerby]

Frances Grainge, widow of Thomas remarried at Kirkby Malzeard
1752/04/27 Frances Grainge widow & John Fawcett of Pateley Bridge, parish of Ripon (By banns)

Other Grainge baptisms in the Kirkby Malzeard parish registers are:

1733/10/31 Grainge John son of Leonard of Dallogill
[probably Leonard born 1698]

1753/08/31 Grainge Mary daughter of Leonard jun of Dallowgill
[probably Leonard born 1729]
1758/02/11 Grange Leonard son of Leonard of Dallowgll
1765/12/29 Grange Mgt daughter of Leo of Dallowgill
1765/12/29 Grange Eliz daughter of Leo of Dallowgill


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