Sheep Marks, Farms and Farmers in Carlsmoor and Dallowgill 1913

The Shepherd’s Guide is a book illustrating and describing the sheep marks used for sheep turned out onto the moors to graze, to identify who they belong to. The marks consist of paint marks on the wool, ear marks [bits cut off!] and hornburns of initials. The Discover Dallowgill History Project has a copy of the 1913 edition, which is available at meetings. The following files give the information sorted by various criteria and as a result, supply a list of who was at each farm in 1913.

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Book page DALLOWGILL SHEEP MARKS 1913 book.pdf

Farm a-z DALLOWGILL SHEEP MARKS 1913 farmers.pdf

Farmer a-z DALLOWGILL SHEEP MARKS 1913 farms a-z.pdf

Hornburn DALLOWGILL SHEEP MARKS 1913 hornburns.pdf


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