Betty THEAKSTON 1869 of Dallowgill

Betty Theakston who died 30th December 1869
Transcribed by Sheila K Douglas from documents held at NYCRO

Mrs Betty Theakston deceased
All persons who have any claims or demands against the estate of Betty Theakston
late of Dallowgill in the Parish of Kirkby Malzeard in the County of York, widow
(who died on 30th December last) are requested to send the particulars thereof to
Mr. Richard Pearson of Dallowgill aforesaid, farmer on or before the 2nd of February next or they will be excluded all benefit to be derived from the estate of the deceased.
And all persons who stood indebted to the said deceased or held any effects belonging
to her are requested to pay or deliver the same to the said Mr Richard Pearson

Henry Calvert
Solicitor for the Executors
Masham, 15th January 1870

In the Affairs of Mrs Betty Theakston deceased
An Account of all money received and paid on account of the Estate
by Mr. Richard Pearson, the acting Executor

14th Mr Lumley, auctioneer £29 17s 3d
15th Mr Carling £20
15th Mr Pearson 6s 2d
15th John Imeson £1 12s 8d
15th John Cundall £1 16s
20th Mr Denby £20
4th Mr Burrill £1
4th Mr Morton, goodwill on farm £4
6th William Parnaby, for chest of drawers £1 10s
Total £80 2s 1d

Dec 31st Paid for 15lb of beef @ 8d lb 10s
Jan 3rd Paid wine and biscuits 9s 4d
Jan 3rd Burial fees 5s
Jan 5th Calvert’s Bill 13s 9d
Jan 6th Wm. Richmond’s Bill 9s 6d
Jan 6th 13 Gallons of Gin £1 17s 6d
Jan 8th Land Tax £12
Jan 15th Mr Dobby wages £4 15s 6d
Jan 15th Surgeons £17
Jan 18th John Imeson’s Bill £1
Jan 18th Wm Watson’s for Coffin £1 8s
Jan 18th Earl de Grey 1/2 year’s Rent £8
Jan 20th Robert Ashby’s Bill £7 ½d
Jan 20th Mr Newbould’s Bill 9s
Jan 20th Mr Bolton’s Bill 4s 9d
Jan 20th John Bale’s Bill £1 0s 5d
Jan 20th for Probate £3 15s 6d
Total £26 14s 3½d

Memorandum Jan. 25th 1871
From H. R. Laycock
Hay and Straw Dealer
Canal Road, Bradford
To Mr Richard Pearson, Dallowgill

Dear Sir
In answer to yours of the 22 instance.
We think that Mr Parnaby’s claim not being a debt of Granmother’s that it has
no right to be paid out of her estate & that we cannot sign any thing under the circumstances. We should be very much obliged to you if you could let us have
a statement of affairs & when they are likely to be settled, if you conveniently can.
Our names are
Margaret Sunderland, aged 34 years
Jane Laycock aged 25 “
Ann Theakston aged 23 “
Elizabeth Theakston aged 17 “

I am Yours &c H. R. Laycock

March 16th 1871
32 Grafton Street, Preston
Mr Pearson

Dear Sir,
My brother wishes me to reply to your letter for him, and to thank you for your
statement of affairs. He was anxious to know the particulars. We are very much
obliged to you, and offer our sincere thanks for all your trouble, and very much
regret that any one should cause you annoyance. My brother will write to
Uncle George Farnaby now that he knows how things stand. And we hope that
things will be arranged quickly.
Again, thanking you for the trouble you have taken and for the many acts of
kindness you have shown to Auntie Theakston in her lifetime.

Remaining, Yours Sincerely
Eliza H Wilding

2 St Georges Terrace
Deepdale Road, Preston
Wednesday evening
Mr Calvert

Dear Sirs,
I have just received your notes, I am unable to come to Ripon tomorrow. I authorise
you to give my brother Mr George Thomas Farnaby any money that is due to me
from Aunt Theakstons estate, and I will send you a full receipt by post with my own
and my husbands signatures.

Yours Sincerely,
Eliza H. Wilding

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