Letter regarding the 'stinting' of Dallowgill Moor. 1886

This letter is taken from a document found at NYCRO, which is almost faded away,
some of it is too far gone, but the gist of it is there. By Sheila K Douglas

Definition of the word Stint from the Oxford English Dictionary
Stint. to Stint = to stop (verb)
A stint = an allotted amount or measure (noun)
Cattle Stints. the limited number of cattle, according to kind, allotted to each definite
portion into which pasture or common land is divided; or to each person entitled to
the right of common pasturage; also, the right of pasturage according to the fixed rate.

Mr. P. Verity, Fearby, Masham

Ripon 8th Jan 1886

A Memorial has been presented to the Marquess of Ripon by a very large majority
of the Occupiers of land in the (this part faded away) Dallowgill praying his
Lordship as Lord of the Manor, to take some steps to have Dallowgill Moor stinted.

Lord Ripon having taken the matter into consideration a communication has been
made to the Lord Commissioners and his Lordship thinks that it will be
advisable to apply to the Commissioners for an Order for regulating the moor which
will deal with the question of stinting (this part faded away ) ?it is adverse?
to any application for Inclosure.

Before issuing any public notice we shall be glad to hear whether you approve of the

It will be necessary to hold a Public Meeting afterwards at which you will be entitled
to be present,

Yours Faithfully
S. Wise & Sons

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