WOODS of Wakehill 1654 - 1768, by Carol Metcalfe

Woods of Wakehill.
Will of Matthew WOOD of Wakehill, made 1766 proved 1768
Kirkby Malzeard Parish Records
Kirkby Malham Parish Records
Thomas WOOD of Dallowgill, 1758, Admon

The earliest record in KMalz parish register is:
1654/07/19 c Maudlin Wood daughter of Chr & Margret [dob] of Waycoll [Wakehill]
They may have had other children before the register began.

1685/04/26 John Wood married Rebecca Horner, both of Kirkby Malzeard Parish
The next records are the baptisms of John Wood’s children. [There may have been more than one John Wood]:
1685/12/13 c John s John Wood of Wakehill
Sponsors /Tho Holdsworth jun/Dallowgill Chas Duffield/Lungley Mrs Hannah Carlill/Skellgill
1687/06/12 c Mathew s John of Wakehill in Dallowgil
Sp/Leonard Grange Geo Watson Eliz Colthirst/all Dallowgill
1689/10/19 c Geo s John of ??
1691/11/21 c Anne d John of Dallagill
1692/02/27 c Thos s John of wakehill
1695/01/12 c Joseph s John of wakehill
1696/05/23 c Thos s John of Bowes in Dallagill
1698/04/23 c Anne d John of wakehill
1699/04/17 c Geo s John of Dallagarth
1701/06/07 c Mary d John of Wachall
1703/01/23 c Wm s John jun of Dallagill
1704/04/23 c Wm s John of Dallagill
1708/09/05 c Mgt d John of wakehill
Those in bold are subsequently mentioned in the will of Matthew Wood or the administration of Thomas Wood

There are also:
1751/09/15 c Ann d Geo Wakehills
1758/03/01 c Mary d Geo Dallowgill

Family of Matthew Wood
His Baptism:
1687/06/12 c Mathew s John of Wakehill in Dallowgill
18 April 1734 Kirkby Malham, Yorkshire Matthew Wood marriage: Mary Armitstead
1760/10/23 bur, Mary wife of Matthew of Netherdale [Dallowgill Bishops Transcripts]
1768/06/22 burial Matthew of Dallowgill

Joseph Wood, brother of Matthew
1695/01/12 c Joseph s John of wakehill
27 March 1733 marriage: by banns
Joseph Wood of Kirkby Malzide parish and Christiana Stockdale of Kirkby Malham parish
1774/02/16 burial of Joseph Wood, Dallowgill

Their children John and Ann were baptised at Kirkby Malham but they returned to Kirkby Malzeard parish where daughter Ann married and daughter Christiana died:

(1765/02/08 burial, Christiana daughter of Joseph Wood)

John Wood nephew of Matthew
christening: 5 June 1735 John Wood, son of Joseph, Kirkby Malham

Ann Burrill niece of Matthew
christening: 7 August 1738 Ann Wood daughter of Joseph, Kirkby Malham
Ann married at Kirkby Malzeard
Marriage 1762/06/28 Ann Wood sp Dallowgill otp & Matthias Burrel farmer Moorheads par Masham (B) witnesses John Wood, Peter Burrel

William Wood, brother of Matthew, and William’s wife Mary Wood
Baptism of William:
1704/04/23 c Wm s John of Dallagill
Wife Mary 1783/01/01 burial, wakehill
1785/01/30 burial of William Wood, age 82, wakehill

The children of William and Mary:
Nephews of Matthew Wood
John Wood 1731/06/19 c John s Wm Dallowgill
William 1736/01/25 c Wm son of Wm of Dallogill
James 1740/11/08 c Jas s Wm of Dallogill
(1743/04/17 c Matthew s of Wm of Dallowgill and 1751/10/27 b, matthew s of Wm of Dallowgill)
Michael 1745/10/25 c Michael s Wm of Dallogill

Nieces of Matthew
Margaret Wood 1726/09/11 c Mgt d Wm of Ringbeck
Mary 1733/04/07 c Mary d Wm of Dallogill
Ann 1738/03/11 c Ann d Wm of Dallowgill
Elizabeth 1751/05/25 c Eliz [Isabel Bishops Transcripts] d Wm of Dallowgill

Anne sister of Matthew married John Dallow and had one son.
1698/04/23 c Anne d John of wakehill
Marriage 1733/05/02 Ann Wood & John Dallow
John Dallow nephew of Matthew
1736/07/21 c Dallow John s John Dallogill

Margaret Wood sister of Matthew married Thomas Watson
1708/09/05 c Mgt Wood d John of wakehill
1730/12/29 marriage Thos Watson KMpar & Mgt Wood
1765/02/14 burial Watson Thos Dallowgill
1795/01/05 burial Watson Mgt wid Dallowgill

The children of Margaret and Thomas were in Matthew’s will
George Wattson nephew of Matthew 1731/09/18 c Dallowgill
[Burial 1733/02/19 b Watson Godfrey s Thos Dallogill]
Agnes Wattson niece of Matthew 1734/02/16 c Dallowgill
Dorothy Carlill 1738/04/15 c Dorothy daughter of Thos Watson of Dallowgill
(1740/05/03 c Esther d Thos Watson of Dallowgill)
Margaret Wattson 1742/11/27 c Dallowgill
Isabella Wattson 1745/01/19 c Isabell d Thos Watson of Dallowgill
Elizabeth Wattson 1750/01/28 c Eliz d Thos Watson of Dallowgill alias Wakehill
Godfrey Wattson nephew 1754/04/06 c Godfrey s Thos Watson of Wachill

Mary Horner niece of Matthew
Possibly the daughter of Isabel and John Horner
1717/05/26 marr Isabel Wood and John Horner

1758/10/14 burial of Thomas Wood bachelor of Dallowgill
His brothers Joseph and William Wood were his administrators

There is an interesting Watson burial record 1787/04/24 burial Watson Mary widow, 98 Dallowgill
So born 1689.

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