Meetings 2012

Meeting: 9th December 2012 in Dallowgill Chapel Schoolroom. 16 attended.

• Thanks to Howard Mountain and Phil Holden, the 1881 Census is available to download from the website.
• Danny Zenner has put the 1841 Census into Excel and is working on the 1861 Census. Howard Mountain is finishing off the 1871 Census and some sections of the Church Records.
• Some more field names were added to a map of the area.
• Carol Metcalfe brought along her Tithe Map of 1838 which attracted a lot of interest. She is in the process of putting the schedule into Excel to make it easier to search the fields attached to each property, with owners and occupiers.
• Brian Wood brought copies of the First Series OS maps of Dallowgill which showed the bridleway route from Potter Lane going up the track from Bents rather than from Quarry House (Pete’s Place). There was also a property marked east of Bents – now there are signs of windows in the wall to the east of the buttressed barn.
• Patrice brought her copy of An Historical Atlas of North Yorkshire for people to look at and reported that she had been out the previous day and taken a lot of pictures on the mosaic trail of a variety of features which can be filed as a photographic record.
• An email from Sally Childes at the Nidderdale AONB about applying for funding had been circulated to the group asking if there was anyone prepared to take this on. Since the meeting, Patrice contacted Kevin Cale of Community Archaeology Ltd who has worked closely with many heritage groups in the area. He would be very happy to come and chat with our group about developing a grant bid if we wanted – would probably cost!
• A discussion about what we would need ensued and Doris was to look into permission for fixed noticeboards on the walls of the school room together with a damp-proof storage cupboard for the archive. Patrice reported that she had spent £10 on files to keep information in.
• Since the meeting, Patrice has contacted Linda Smith the County Archaeologist and she has passed details on to her colleague Louisa Matthews who looks after the Historic Environment Record and will do a search for us of the data they hold.
Meeting: 11th November 2012 in Dallowgill Chapel Schoolroom
• Phil Holden has very kindly set up a website for the project at and he is happy for people to contact him with suggestions of information for the site
• The Zenner Family from Lunterstone talked about their interesting trips to the records offices in Northallerton and Bradford and about just how much information there is on Dallowgill to wade through!
• Some more field names were added to a map of the area.
• Thanks to Heather Tetley we have transcriptions of the Church and Census records and volunteers took away sections to put onto the computer to make searching easier.
• Suggestions for talks were discussed, for example someone to explain how to decipher old documents and search them effectively, the vernacular architecture in the Gill and Archaeological sites locally.

Meeting: 14th October 2012 in Dallowgill Chapel Schoolroom

This first meeting was very successful, with 34 people attending to hear about the proposals for a Community led history project in Dallowgill. Everyone showed great enthusiasm for the idea and left fired-up to see what they could discover and contribute.

• The project will have regular drop-in sessions on the 2nd Sunday of each month in the Chapel School Room after the 2pm Chapel Service.
• A £2 charge per person will go towards hire of the room, heating and refreshments.
• Heather Tetley (from Ripon, sister of Lilian Chandler, who wrote Dallowgill Through the Ages) brought copies of Dallowgill Church Records and Census Returns which Patrice Lyth will copy and distribute to volunteers, who will enter them into Excel Spreadsheets on the computer, so that they can be more easily searched and organised.
• Phil Holden (Kirkby Moor Road) has offered to set up and maintain a website for the project.
• Brian Wood (Sawley) offered to lead walks on the local environment and history, and Nigel Heptinstall (Harrogate) said he could do a talk on Studfold in Upper Nidderdale.
• Liz Floyd, a midwife who lives at The Old Vicarage, is interested in collecting stories about the babies born in Dallowgill.
• Brian Wood will look into obtaining maps of the area.
• Craig Kersey (Low Belford) will approach Hutchinson Buchanan Solicitors about any documentation they may have regarding Dallowgill properties following the sales from Leeds Corporation. He will also research online record services about possible special arrangements for the project to access relevant material.
• Kate Kersey (Low Belford) will enquire about accessing records in Wakefield via family connections.
• Carol Metcalfe (Richmond) highlighted Lancashire Online Reference Library as a good source of newspaper articles.
• Some field names were added to a map of the area.

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