10th March 2019

Meeting: 10th March 2019, 3pm in Dallowgill Chapel Schoolroom

15 people attended, despite the weather, which was a great turnout!

• Stewart Richmond came to explain his interest in buying St Peter’s Church. We would all like to see something done with such a fine building in our community.
• Josh Southwell and Nigel Heptinstall were there to tell us about the field-walking they have been doing in Dallowgill, looking at previously recorded ancient monuments and historical features in the landscape, and seeing what evidence still remains. They are working on Lamb Close at the moment, a hamlet across the beck from Potter Lane Farm, which housed workers extracting stone slates from the gill, some of which were used to re-roof buildings at Newby Hall in the nineteenth century. They are hoping to go out on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month, and will meet at the parking area by the Roman Soldier at 10am, so if anyone is interested in joining them, they would be very welcome.
• Sue Southwell (nee Blackett) chatted to Carol Metcalfe about school, as she taught at Kirkby Malzeard School when Dallowgill School closed in December 1970, and the children were transferred to Kirkby Malzeard. Sue then left, and Carol’s mum, Dora Chandler, who was the teacher at Dallowgill School, took her place. They discovered another connection as Sue taught with Carol’s aunt for many years afterwards.
• A couple of people took copies of the index of people and places we have created for Lilian Chandler’s excellent Dallowgill book. They took a lot of work and are available for £2.
• We are looking into arranging some talks about Fortress Dike, a large earthwork near Tom Corner, and the architectural vernacular in the area.

There is still work going on behind the scenes and if you find or hear anything interesting, we would love to hear from you anytime.

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