1841 Census Dallowgill

The 1841 Census of England, Wales, Scotland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man was taken on the night of 6 June. It was the first census conducted by the General Register Office to record the names of everyone in a household or institution. Information available in this collection includes place and name, age, gender, occupation and birthplace of each individual who spent the night in individual households.

The Census forms were distributed to all households a couple of days before census night and the completed forms were collected the following day. All forms were meant to accurately reflect each individual’s status as of 6 June 1841 and the household they spent the night in. People who were travelling or living abroad were recorded at the location where they spent the night. All of the details from the individual forms were later sorted and copied into The Census books, which are the original records you can view images of today.

The summary figures presented here are for Dallowgill and Carlesmoor and exclude the Laverton properties.

Inhabited Properties: 73
Empty Properties: 2
Population: 358

Total 10 & Under 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51 – 60 61-70 Over 70
Males 183 60 36 28 12 16 12 14 5
Females 175 60 36 21 20 16 7 10 5


Agricultural Labourer 34
Blacksmith 1
Carpenter 1
Farmer 39
Independent 8
Milliner 1
Schoolmaster 1
Servant (male/female) 29
Shoemaker 4
Shoemakers apprentice 1
Shoemaker J (?) 1
Slate miner 2
Stonemason 3
Tailor 1

Where Born: All born in Yorkshire

It is available in various formats
Dallowgill 1841 Census, inc Carlesmoor and Laverton final 13.3.14.xlsx

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