Hoggerston Hill Deeds kindly given by permission of Mr Tom Brommet,
the current owner.
Transcribed by Sheila K Douglas

INDENTURE. Dated 11th May 1792.
Between John Grainge,
Thomas Ashby
Thomas Atkinson
HOGGERSTONE Hill. Indenture. 1792.pdf

INDENTURE OF FOUR PARTS. Dated 12th May 1792.
Between John Grainge, Howster House, Galfway.
Thomas Ashby of Belforth.
Thomas Atkinson of Belforth,
Peter Atkinson of Winksley
HOGGERSTONE. Indenture of four parts. 1792.pdf

INDENTURE Dated 25th February 1819
Between Thomas Atkinson of Roundhill, and
Ann his wife (nee Appleby),
John Waite of Ripon Gent.
Attested Copy Deed of Cov. 25th Feb 1819.pdf

INDENTURE Dated 13th April 1819.
Between Thomas Atkinson of Roundhill Yeoman
Joseph and Stephen Atkinson of Winksley Farmers
Lease. 13th April 1819.pdf

Conveyance of an Estate & hereditaments in the township of Laverton
INDENTURE Dated 14th April 1819
Between Thomas Atkinson of Roundhill Yeoman
Joseph and Stephen Atkinson of Winksley Farmers
Conveyance. 14th April 1819.pdf

ABSTRACT OF TITLE. From 1776 to 1828
Abstract of the Title of Mr Joseph Atkinson to an Estate situate at Dallagill
in the Parish of Kirkby Malzeard in the Coy of York
For Mr Tennant, the Purchaser
Abstract. Will. Appleby. 1776. paper copy.pdf

Between Joseph Atkinson of Winksley, Gent
James Tennant of Low Green, near Pateley, Yeoman
Richard Greaves of Ripon, Druggist
Indenture. 1828.pdf

Joseph Atkinson to James Tennant and his Trustee
Release of Farm at Dallagill 1828.pdf

CONVEYANCE. Dated 17th October 1929.
Mary Emma Tennant, widow and Robert Percy Tennant, Commercial Traveler, both of South Terrace, Ripon
John William Pearson, and Annie Elizabeth Pearson of Wakehill. Farmer
Conveyance. 17th October 1929.pdf

DEED OF CONFORMATION. Dated 7th October 1942
Between Thomas Kirkley of Crosshills, Grantley, Farmer
Frederick Stockton Gowland of Ripon, Solicitor
William Watson of Redmire Farm, Grantley, Farmer
Deed of Confirmation 7th October 1942.pdf

ASSENT. Dated 28th January 1943
re J. W. Pearson deceased
re A. E. Pearson deceased
Between Thomas Kirkley of Crosshills, Grantley. Farmer
Frederick Stockton Gowland, of Ripon, Solicitor
Harriet Barker of Greygreen Farm, Dallowgill. Widow
ASSENT. 28th January 1943.pdf

ABSTRACT OF TITLE. From 1917 to 1943
Representatives of Annie Elizabeth Pearson, deceased
Abstract of Title. 1 9 4 3.pdf

VESTING ASSENT. Dated 27th January 1949.
James Howell, and Nellie Howell Mill Farm, Azerley, Farmer and
Herbert Wells, Ripon, Retired Civil Servant as
Personal Representatives of Harriet Barker, deceased, late of Mill Farm, Azerley
Vesting Assent. 27th January 1949.pdf

CONVEYANCE. Dated 19th October 1954
Mr and Mrs J. Howell of Mill Farm, Azerley. Farmer to
Mr and Mrs L. Burrill of Lady Hill, Dallowgill. Farmer
Conveyance. 19th October 1954.pdf

ABSTRACT OF TITLE. From 1954 to 1974.
Representatives of Lewis Burrill, deceased
Abstract of Title. 19.10.1954 to 1974.pdf

IMAGE OF PLAN. Dated May 1975
Improvement and General Repairs to Hoggerston Hill

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