13th January 2013

Meeting: 13th January 2013 in Dallowgill Chapel Schoolroom. 12 attended but more apologies!


  • Chris Floyd did a very interesting presentation on the Vicarage with the evidence he had managed to assemble to date. This included photos to show how the property had been added to over the years, maps showing the land attached to the property with field names, a time line of residents and some interesting stories about the vicars who served the community, how the stained glass windows came to be in the church and a “son” of Dallowgill who ended up rising to great political heights in Canada. Many thanks to him, and to Liz for coping with his enthusiasm for the project!
  • Patrice said that Carol Metcalfe had offered to hold a session about reading and deciphering old documents. People thought this would be interesting and would need to have a look for anything they could bring along. Sometime in the future?
  • Patrice reported that she had given herself a New Year’s present by subscribing to Ancestry.co.uk in order to collect original census documents which could be printed off for the files. This should make working out which property is which easier, especially where no property name is given.
  • Since the meeting, Phil Holden has updated the website at www.dallowgill.org.uk so that census records for 1841, 1871 and 1881 are now available, together with list of gravestones in St Peter’s churchyard.
  • Carol had tried to use a search for the website without success – Phil explained that at the moment the site can only be found if the address is known. Websites are only found on search engines once they have two things:
    1. Content in the form of text and images, but mainly text.
    2. Links to the site from other sites that are themselves listed on search engines.
    Until the site has a fair bit more content primarily in the form of text articles no one will want to link to it. If we get the Dallowgill site to a point where it has a fair number of full article pages ie: with at least 500 words, images etc, then we could ask for links and I’m sure that folks would link to the site and we would very quickly go to no. 1 for many terms associated with Dallowgill. For example the census pages could do with a write up detailing the total numbers, what the main occupations were, etc. So, if anyone fancies having a go at writing an article that we could put onto the site please let us know!

Please can you remember your £2 each session as the amount I’ve collected doesn’t tally with the numbers attending! We are very fortunate to be able to use the Chapel Schoolroom and we need to pay our dues…

The Project sessions will be held at the Methodist Chapel Schoolroom on the second Sunday of the month after the 2pm Chapel Service. £2 per person will cover refreshments and Chapel costs. All are very welcome.

The next meeting will be on Sunday 10th February when we will have a presentation about Dallowgill Methodist Chapel and how it has been integral to the community here in Dallowgill, since land was bought from Anthony Ashby to build the first Chapel in 1816. If anyone has any information or anything they could bring on this subject, I’d love to hear from you. Also, you might think of contacting people who used to be members of the community here who have moved away – they may have stories they would like to share or maybe even join us.

Thanks Patrice