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1881 census Page 1                            
Administrative County: Yorkshire Civil Parish: Laverton Ecclesstical Parish: St Peter's Dallowgill (part of) Rural District: Ripon Parliamentary Borough or Division: Ripon Town, Village, Hamlet: Dallowgill
    Houses           Age Last Birthday of        
No. of Schedule Road, Street and number or name of house Inhabited In Occupation Not in Occupation Building No. of rooms occupied if less than 5 Name and surname of each person Relation to Head of Family Condition as to Marriage Males Females Profession or Occupation Employer, Worker or Own Account If Working at Home Where Born
1 School House 1         Edwin Wilson Head M 45   Schoolmaster     Beverley, East Yorks
              Margaret Wilson Wife M   41 Schoolmaster's wife     Dallowgill
              Mary Wilson Daughter S   20       Dallowgill
              Annie Wilson Daughter S   16       Dallowgill
              Frank Wilson Son S 13         Dallowgill
              Lawrence Wilson Son S 10   Scholar     Dallowgill
              Charles Wilson Son S 9   Scholar     Dallowgill
              Dorothy Wilson Daughter S   6 Scholar     Dallowgill
              William Wilson Son S 4         Dallowgill
              Sarah Margaret Wilson Daughter S   1       Dallowgill
2 Knott 1         Henry Lofthouse Head M 62   Farmer 45 acres     Dallowgill
              Margaret Lofthouse Wife M   57       Dallowgill
              Emily Jane Daughter S   33       Dallowgill
3 Vicarage 1         John A Sharr Head M 48   Vicar     Malta
              Sophia A Sharr Wife M   41       Carlton Husthwaite   
              Henry A Sharr Son S 16   Scholar     Carlton Husthwaite   
              Elizabeth B Hall Servant S   18 General Servant     Atworth, Yorkshire
              Mary Stubbs Servant S   14 Housemaid     Denton, Yorkshire
4 Lunterstone 1         James Cundall Head M 65   Farmer 74 acres     Dallowgill
              Elizabeth Cundall Wife M   54 Farmers Wife     Dallowgill
              Matthew Cundall Son S 26   Farmers Son     Dallowgill
5 Stubbings 1         William Ingleby Head M 45   Farmer 24 acres     Unknown
              Sarah A Ingleby Wife M   40 Farmers Wife     Manchester
              Walter H Ingleby Son S 11   Scholar     Dallowgill
              John W Ingleby Son S 7   Scholar     Dallowgill
6 Greygreen 1         Henry Pearson Head M 52   Farmer 74 acres     Skelding
              Margaret Pearson Wife M   64 Farmers Wife     Skelding
              John W Pearson Son S 23   Farmers Son     Dallowgill
7 Parnaby House 1         John Burrill Head M 77   Retired Farmer     Dallowgill
              Mary Burrill Wife M   76       Ringbeck
8 Dallowgill 1         Joseph Barker Head M 33   Farmer 25 acres     Carlsmoor
              Alice Barker Wife M   28 Farmers Wife     Dallowgill
              Christopher Barker Son S 10   Scholar     Carlsmoor
              Rosanna Cundall Neice S   2       Carlsmoor
9 Dallowgill 1         John Paley Head M 48   Shepherd     Middlesmoor
              Jane Paley Daughter S   23 Housekeeper     Warsill
              Ellen Paley Daughter S   11 Scholar     Dallowgill
              John K Paley Son S 8   Scholar     Dallowgill
               William H Paley Grandson S 1         Dallowgill
10 Quarry House 1         John Imeson Head S 70   General Labourer     Coville House
11 Potter Lane 1         William Weatherhead Head S 37   Farmer 100 acres     Warsill
              Jane Weatherhead Sister S   34 Housekeeper     Stean
              John Rayner Servant S 26   Farm Labourer     Coverdale
12 Potter Lane 1         Richard Umpleby Head S 51   General Labourer     Kirkby Malzeard
              Ellen Kay Servant S   42 Housekeeper     Dallowgill
13 Dalton Lodge 1         John Broadley Head M 42   Farmer 60 acres     Middlesmoor
              Mary Broadley Wife M   33 Farmers Wife     Dallowgill
              Mary A Broadley Daughter S   15 Farmers Daughter     Dallowgill
              John Broadley Son S 10   Scholar     Dallowgill
              Harriet Broadley Daughter S   6 Scholar     Dallowgill
              Ellen E Broadley Daughter S   4 Scholar     Dallowgill
14 Dallowgill Head 1         Richard Richmond Head M 34   Farmer 46 acres     Laverton
              Mary Richmond Wife M   33 Farmers Wife     Mickley
              Arthur W Richmond Son S 10   Scholar     Laverton
              John Richmond Son S 7   Scholar     Dallowgill
15 Shooters Inn 1         Elizabeth Kendal Head W   57 Farmer 12 acres and Licensed Victualler     Coverdale
              Margaret Kendall Daughter S   32 Farmers Daughter     Laverton
              Peter Kendall Son S 18   Farmers Son     Springfield, Essex
              Ebenezer Kendall Grandson S 11   Scholar     Laverton
              Isabella J Kendall Granddaughter S   4 Scholar     Laverton
              Mary Metcalfe Visitor S   28 Dressmaker     Ripon
16 Tom Corner 1         Edward Metcalfe Head M 37   Farmer 40 acres     Fellbeck
              Mary J Metcalfe Wife M   35 Farmers Wife     Moorhead, Masham
              Jane A Metcalfe Daughter S   11 Scholar     Ilton
              Margaret Metcalfe Daughter S   8 Scholar     Ilton
              Mary Metcalfe Daughter S   5       Ilton
              Matthew Metcalfe Son S 4         Dallowgill
              Eliza Metcalfe Daughter S   2       Dallowgill
17 Malaby House 1         Matthew Barker Head M 57   Farmer 19 acres and gamekeeper     Ramsgill
              Margaret Barker Wife M   55 Farmers Wife     Skellgill
              John Barker Son S 30   Gamekeeper     Skellgill
18 Greygarth 1         Mary Cass Head W   82 Former General Labourers wife     Dallowgill
              Horatio Cass Son S 41   General Labourer     Dallowgill
19 Greygarth 1         Robert Ashby Head W 66   Farmer 17 acres     Laverton
              Anthony Ashby Son S 33   Farmers Son     Laverton
              Hannah M Ashby Daughter S   35 Farmers Daughter     Laverton
20 Greygarth 1         John Cundall Head M 73   Farmer 100 acres     Nidderdale
              Ann Cundall Wife M   65 Farmers Wife     Nidderdale
              William Cundall Brother M 68   Farm Servant     Nidderdale
              Henry Cundall Son S 35   Farmers Son     Dallowgill
21 Hawsett 1         William Metcalfe Head M 69   Farm Labourer     Holmes
              Ann Metcalfe Wife M   68       Middlesmoor
22 Swetton 1         John Burrill Head M 53   Farmer 80 acres     Swetton
              Jane Burrill Wife M   53 Farmers Wife     Melmerby
              William J Burrill Son S 25   Farmers Son     Carlsmoor
              John W Burrill Son S 22   Farmers Son     Swetton
              Jane King Servant S   17 General Servant     Beckmeetings
23 Swetton 1         Jonathon Peacock Head M 27   Farm Labourer     West Lees
              Jane Peacock Wife M   26       Beckmeetings
              Jonathon L Peacock Son S 3         Carlsmoor
              William Peacock Son S 1 mth         Swetton
24 Swetton 1         Jonathon Peacock Head M 57   Farmer 154 acres     Azerley
              Elizabeth Peacock Wife M   57 Farmers Wife     Swetton
              William Rennison Grandson S 10   Scholar     Grewelthorpe
              Elizabeth Metcalfe Servant S   28 General Servant     Grewelthorpe
25 Swetton Bridge 1         Robert Umpleby Head M 27   Farmer 42 acres     Kirkby Malzeard
              Dorothy Umpleby Wife M   28 Farmers Wife     Kirkby Malzeard
              Lily J Umpleby Daughter S   3       Laverton
26 Swetton 1         James Whitwham Head M 57   Farmer 80 acres     Grantley
              Mary Whitwham Wife M   57 Farmers Wife     Grantley
              Miles Carling Servant S 26   Farm Servant     Ripon
27 Low Swetton 1         Reuben King Head M 40   Farmer 118 acres     Swetton
              Elizabeth King Wife M   35 Farmers Wife     Pateley Bridge
              Margaret King Daughter S   11 Scholar     Swetton
              Mary King Daughter S   9 Scholar     Swetton
              Reuben King Son S 7   Scholar     Swetton
              Elizabeth King Daughter S   6 Scholar     Swetton
              John W King Son S 5         Swetton
              Thomas B King Son S 3         Swetton
              Robert King Son S 2         Swetton
              Ellen King Daughter S   10 mths       Swetton
              James Moore Servant S 19   Farm Servant     Grewelthorpe
28 Ladyhill 1         John King Head M 43   Farmer 36 acres     Swetton
              Ann King Wife M   41 Farmers Wife     Greygarth
              Alice King Daughter S   10 Scholar     Aldfield
              Kate King Daughter S   8 Scholar     Thorpe Gran....
              John King Son S 5         Thorpe Gran....
              James King Son S 3         Thorpe Gran....
              Matthew Ascough Uncle W 48   Retired Farmer     Ash Head, Masham
29 Ladyhill 1         Francis Lofthouse Head M 55   Farmer 35 acres     Dallowgill
              Margaret Lofthouse Wife M   51 Farmers Wife     Dallowgill
              Ann E Lofthouse Daughter S   20 Farmers Daughter     Laverton
              Francis Lofthouse Son S 16   Farmers Son     Laverton
              Emily F Lofthouse Daughter S   9 Scholar     Laverton
30 Low Rae Carr 1         John Lofthouse Head M 56   Farmer 12 acres and Shoemaker     Dallowgill
              Jane Lofthouse Wife M   55 Farmers Wife     Aldfield
              Margaret Lofthouse Daughter S   19 Farmers Daughter     Dallowgill
              Christopher T Lofthouse Son S 16   Farmers Son     Dallowgill
31 Rae Carr 1         Robert Ashby Head M 26   General Labourer     Dallowgill
              Annie Ashby Wife M   22       Ripon
32 High Rae Carr 1         William Hardcastle Head M 54   Farmer 39 acres     Bewerley
              Ellen Hardcastle Wife M   54 Farmers Wife     Colne, Lancashire
              Charles Hardcastle Son S 25   Stonemason     Pateley Bridge
              Frederick W Hardcastle Son S 14   Farmers Son     Pateley Bridge
33 Belforth 1         Demain Myers Head M 42   Farmer 25 acres     Darley
              Sarah J Myers Wife M   32 Farmers Wife     Dallowgill
              Annie Myers Daughter S   10 Scholar     Belforth
              Sarah Myers Daughter S   9 Scholar     Belforth
              Samuel Myers Son S 8   Scholar     Belforth
              Thomas Myers Son S 6   Scholar     Belforth
              Mary A Myers Daughter S   5 Scholar     Belforth
              Robert W Myers Son S 4   Scholar     Belforth
              Lizzie Myers  Daughter S   2 Scholar     Belforth
              Demain Myers Son S 1   Scholar     Belforth
34 Belforth 1         John Leeming Head M 60   Farmer 10 acres       Mouse Hall
              Sarah Leeming Wife M   66 Farmers Wife     Eavestone
              David Ingleby Brother-in-Law S 50   General Labourer     Eavestone
              George Richmond Nephew S 20   General Labourer     Ripon
              Edward Parnaby Boarder S 42   General Labourer     Melmerby
35 Hoggerstone Hill 1         John Cleasby Head M 60   Farmer 20 acres     Wensleydale
              Hannah Cleasby Wife M   65 Farmers Wife     Nidderdale
              Isabella Saville Sister-in-Law W   69 Farmers widow     Nidderdale
36 Dallow Hall 1         George Barker Head W 61   Farmer 146 acres     Ramsgill
              John Barker  Son S 24   Farmers Son     Dallowgill
              Mary Barker Daughter S   22 Farmers Daughter     Dallowgill
              Lucy Barker Granddaughter S   8 Scholar     Dallowgill
              John Barker Grandson S 6   Scholar     Dallowgill
37 Dallow     1                      
38 Dallow 1         William Ashby Head M 32   General Labourer     Kirkby Malzeard
              Mary Ashby Wife M   24 Labourers wife     Sutton
              Jane A Ashby Daughter S   1       Dallowgill
39 Wakehill     1                      
40 Wakehill 1         James Knowles Head M 65   Farmer 10 acres     Bewerley
              Ann Knowles Wife M   64 Farmers wife     Bewerley
41 Wakehill 1         William Ash Head M 65   Farmer 31 acres     Ainderby Quernhow
              Jane Ash Wife M   66 Farmers wife     Ripon
              William Ash Son S 27   Farmers Son     Dallowgill
42 Wakehill 1         William Ashby Head M 52   General Labourer     Dallowgill
              Mary A Ashby Wife M   45 Labourers wife     Dallowgill
              Anthony Ashby Son S 26   Farmer 12 acres and pedlar     Dallowgill
              Arthur Ashby Son S 23   General Labourer     Dallowgill
              Alfred Ashby Son S 21   General Labourer     Dallowgill
              Asa Ashby Son S 11   Scholar     Dallowgill
              Alvira Ashby Daughter S   8 Scholar     Dallowgill
              Alverina Ashby Daughter S   5       Dallowgill
              Alberta Ashby Daughter S   2       Dallowgill
43 Walehill 1         William Broadley Head W 70   Farmer 25 acres     Middlesmoor
              William Broadley Son S 40   Farmers Son     Dry Gill
44 Harper Hill 1         Mary Lofthouse Head W   58 Farmer 74 acres     Laverton
              Christopher Lofthouse Son S 30   Farmers Son     Laverton
              Joshua Lofthouse Son S 26   Farmers Son     Laverton
              Zillah Lofthouse Daughter S   20 Farmers Daughter     Laverton
45 Skellgill 1         Matthew Carling Head M 46   Farmer 410 acres     Laverton
              Sarah Carling Wife M   42 Farmers wife     Laverton
              Alice J Carling Daughter S   18 Farmers Daughter     Laverton
              Eliza M Carling Daughter S   15 Farmers Daughter     Laverton
              Sarah Carling Daughter S   12 Scholar     Laverton
              Harriet Carling Daughter S   8 Scholar     Laverton
              Annie Carling Daughter S   6 Scholar     Laverton
              Frances Carling Daughter S   6 Scholar     Laverton
              Margery Carling Daughter S   4 Scholar     Laverton
              William Calvert Servant S 30   Farm Servant     Laverton
46 Cross Hills 1         George Lofthouse Head S 57   Shoemaker     Laverton
47 Cross Hills 1         Thomas E Lofthouse Head M 34   Farmer 4 acres and gamewatcher     Laverton
              Mary Lofthouse Wife M   32 Gamewatchers wife     Laverton
              Walter Lofthouse Son S 9   Scholar     Laverton
              Herbert Lofthouse Son S 3         Laverton
48 Bowes House 1         Reuban Lofthouse Head M 31   Farmer 45 acres     Dallowgill
              Jane A Lofthouse Wife M   25 Farmers wife     West Hartlepool
49 Castiles Farm 1         Matthew Buckle Head M 46   Farmer 338 acres     Kirkby Malzeard
              Mary Buckle Wife M   53 Farmers wife     Laverton
              Thompson Buckle Son S 21   Carpenter     Laverton
              Erasmus Buckle Son S 19   Farmers Son     Laverton
              Thomas Topham Servant S 17   General Servant     Laverton
50 Drovers Inn 1         Henry Ashby Head M 50   Farmer 19 acres and licensed victualler     Dallowgill
              Catherine Ashby Wife M   51 Farmers wife     Dallowgill
              Emily Ashby Daughter S   21 Farmers Daughter     Dallowgill
118 Carlesmoor 1         Leonard Umpleby Head M 67   Farmer     Grewelthorpe
              Mary Umpleby Wife M   64       Kirkby Malzeard
              William Umpleby Son M 34   Farmers Son     Kirkby Malzeard
              Ann Umpleby Son's wife M   28       Galphay
119 Carlesmoor 1         Roger Horner Head M 62   Farmer     Kirkby Malzeard
              Elizabeth Horner Wife M   65       Snape
120 Carlesmoor 1         Christopher Barker Head M 57   Farmer     Copt Hewick
              Elizabeth Barker Wife M   57       Grantley
              John Barker Son S 28         Grewelthorpe
121 Carlesmoor 1         Matthew Batty Head M 39   Farmer     Exelby
              May A Batty Wife M   32       Bedale
              William Batty Son S 9   Scholar     Baldersby
              Ann Batty Daughter S   6 Scholar     Bedale
              Frederick Batty Son S 4   Scholar     Grewelthorpe
              Alice Batty Daughter S   1       Kirkby Malzeard
122 Carlesmoor 1         William Burrill Head M 69   Farmer     Kirkby Malzeard
              Jane Burrill Wife M   73       Kirkby Malzeard
              Leonard P Burrill Nephew S 21   Farm Servant     Kirkby Malzeard
              Peter Leonard Burrill Nephew S 16   Farm Servant     Kirkby Malzeard
              Mary Jane Calvert Servant S   21 Housemaid     Kirkby Malzeard
123 Carlesmoor 1         William Calvert Head M 65   Farmer     Kirkby Malzeard
              Mary Calvert Wife M   55       Kirkby Malzeard