8th April 1861                          
Administrative County: Yorkshire Civil Parish: Laverton Ecclesstical Parish: St Peter's Dallowgill (part of) Rural District: Ripon Parliamentary Borough or Division: Ripon  
    Houses           Age Last Birthday of   Town, Village, Hamlet: Dallowgill
No. of Schedule Road, Street and number or name of house Inhabited In Occupation Not in Occupation Building No. of rooms occupied if less than 5 Name and surname of each person Relation to Head of Family Condition as to Marriage Males Females Profession or Occupation Where Born
1 The School Wilson, Edwin Head M 25 Schoolmaster Beverley
Wilson, Margaret Wife M 21 Dallowgill
Wilson, Mary Daughter S 10 months Dallowgill
2 The Knott Lofthouse, Henry Head M 42 Farmer 50 acres Dallowgill
Lofthouse, Margaret Wife M 37 Dallowgill
Lofthouse, Emily Jane Daughter S 14 Scholar Dallowgill
Lofthouse, Selina Annie Daughter S 10 Scholar Dallowgill
Hare, Eliza Ann Niece S 5 Newcastle, Northumberland
3 The Parsonage Prior, Henry Head M 49 Perpetural Curate or Incumbent Plymouth, Devonshire
Prior, Hannah Mouncey Wife M 43 Leeds
Prior, Helen Kendall Daughter S 16 Dallowgill
Prior, Lucy Elizabeth Daughter S 14 Dallowgill
Prior, Edward Gawler Son S 7 Scholar Dallowgill
Prior, Mary Burton Daughter S 5 Scholar Dallowgill
Prior, Emma Marshall Daughter S 3 Dallowgill
Prior, Clara Dorothy Daughter S 1 Dallowgill
Barker, Ann Servant W 64 General Servant Masham
Imeson, Eleanor Servant S 16 General Servant Grewelthorpe
4 Malaby House Barker, Matthew Head M 37 Game Watcher Ramsgill
Barker, Margaret Wife M 35 Laverton
Barker, John Son S 10 Scholar Laverton
Barker, Ann Daughter S 8 Scholar Galphay
Barker, Sarah Jane Daughter S 7 Scholar Galphay
5 Lunterstone Cundall, James Head M 45 Farmer 75 acres Dallowgill
Cundall, Ellen Wife M 42 Masham
Cundall, John Son S 16 Farmer's Son Dallowgill
Cundall, Alice Daughter S 8 Dallowgill
Cundall, Matthew Son S 6 Dallowgill
Cundall, James Son S 6 months Dallowgill
Cundall, Joseph Grandson S 2 months Dallowgill
6 Malaby House Moorhouse, William Head M 30 Farm Labourer Laverton
Moorhouse, Elizabeth Wife M 21 Idle
Moorhouse, Jane Daughter S 1 Dallowgill
7 Stubbins Ashby, Mathias Head M 48 Farmer 22 acres Dallowgill
Ashby, Ann Wife M 50 Nidderdale
Ashby, Ann Daughter S 20 Farmer's Daughter Dallowgill
Ashby, Elizabeth Daughter S 11 Scholar Dallowgill
Horsley, John Grandson S 1 Dallowgill
8 Greygarth Pearson, Richard Head M 36 Farmer 59 acres Dallowgill
Pearson, Martha Wife M 36 Kirkby Malzeard
Pearson, John Richmond Son S 1 Kirkby Malzeard
Pearson, Joseph Richmond Son S 1 month Dallowgill
Webster, Hannah Servant S 16 General Servant Winksley
Metcalfe, William Servant S 18 Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
9 Greygarth Parnaby, Sally Head W 69 Farmer 21 acres Nidderdale
Theakston, Elizabeth Sister W 71 Nidderdale
10 Greygarth Imeson, Jane Head W 89 Pauper - former farmer's wife Pateley Bridge
Imeson, John Son S 49 Agricultural Labourer Nidderdale
11 Greygarth Hayton, Mary Head M 45 Agricultural Labourer Dishforth
Hayton, Phineas Son S 7 Dallowgill
Hayton, Arthur Son S 5 Dallowgill
12 Greygarth Hammond, William Head W 73 Retired Farmer Dallowgill
13 Potter Lane Denby, Edward Head M 27 Farmer 106 acres employing 1 labourer Wheatley
Denby, Ann Wife M 28 Nidderdale
Denby, Thomas Son S 2 Nidderdale
Hayton, Esther Servant S 14 Dallowgill
Metcalfe, Robert Servant S 15 Agricultural Labourer Nidderdale
14 Lamb Close Hammond, Richard Head M 72 Broom Maker Dallowgill
Hammond, Ann Wife M 75 Nidderdale
Hammond, Joseph Son S 35 Pedlar Dallowgill
15 Dalton Lodge Hammond, William Head M 39 Farmer 58 acres Dallowgill
Hammond, Sarah Wife M 39 Pateley Bridge
Hammond, John William Son 8 Scholar Laverton
Hammond, Margaret Daughter 6 Dallowgill
Hammond, Thomas Son 1 Dallowgill
Hammond, Isabella Daughter 1 Dallowgill
16 Potter Lane House Paley, John Head M 28 Farmer 10 acres Nidderdale
Paley, Rebecca Wife M 29 Dallowgill
Paley, Jane Daughter 3 Dallowgill
Paley, Ann Daughter 1 Dallowgill
17 Tom Corner Kay, John Head M 52 Farmer 40 acres Dallowgill
Kay, Isabella Wife M 54 Conistone
Kay, Ella Daughter 23 Dallowgill
18 Shooters Inn Barker, George Head M 42 Farmer 30 acres and Inkeeper Ramsgill
Barker, Amelia Wife M 38 Thornthwaite
Barker, Elizabeth Daughter 9 Scholar Dallowgill
Barker, Jane Daughter 7 Scholar Dallowgill
Barker, Ann Daughter 6 Scholar Dallowgill
Barker, John Son 4 Dallowgill
Barker, Mary Daughter 2 Dallowgill
Barker, Amelia Daughter 1 month Dallowgill
19 Tom Corner Suttill, Isabella Head W 37 Farmer 32 acres Dallowgill
Suttill, William Son 12 Scholar Dallowgill
Suttill, Elizabeth Daughter 11 Scholar Dallowgill
Suttill, James Son 5 Dallowgill
Suttill, Frances Daughter 2 Dallowgill
20 Hawsett Umpleby, Thomas Head M 55 Carpenter Dallowgill
Umpleby, Jane Wife M 60 Kirkby Malzeard
Umpleby, Richard Son 31 Broom Maker Kirkby Malzeard
Wilson, Ann Daughter M 27 Sapper's Wife Dallowgill
Wilson, Sophia Granddaughter 7 Laverton
Wilson, James Henry Grandson 6 Laverton
Wilson, William Thomas Grandson 4 Willington, Co. Durham
Wilson, Mary Granddaughter 2 Conistone
Kendall, William Boarder 31 Broom Maker Dallowgill
21 Swetton Burrill, Peter Head M 78 Freeholder 85 acres employing 1 labourer and 1 boy Dallowgill
Burrill, Susannah Wife M 64 Dallowgill
Cundall, Mary Sister-in-law 57 Annuitant Dallowgill
Burrill, John Son M 33 Farmer's Son Dallowgill
Burrill, Jane Daughter-in-law M 32 Coverdale
Burrill, William John Grandson 5 Dallowgill
Burrill, John William Grandson 2 Dallowgill
Burrill, Leonard Peter Grandson 1 Dallowgill
Metcalfe, Ann Servant 15 General Servant Dallowgill
Hayton, Charles Servant 12 Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
Burrill. Mary Daughter 29 Seamstress Dallowgill
22 Swetton Metcalfe, William Head M 49 Agricultural Labourer Kirkby Malzeard
Metcalfe, Ann Wife M 48 Middlesmoor
Metcalfe, Ellen Daughter 12 Dallowgill
23 Swetton Hodgson, Daniel Head M 38 Farmer of 158 acres employing 3 labourers Dallowgill
Hodgson, Isabella Wife M 34 Yockenthwaite, Langsterdale
Hodgson, Leonard Son 9 Scholar Dallowgill
Hodgson, Daniel Son 7 Scholar Dallowgill
Hodgson, Robert William Son 5 Scholar Dallowgill
Hodgson, Arthur Preston Son 4 Dallowgill
Hodgson, Harriet Preston Calvert Daughter 2 Dallowgill
Cradock, Anthony Servant 23 Agricultural Labourer Masham
Cundall, William Servant M 48 Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
Turner, William Servant M 48 Agricultural Labourer Bolam, Co. Durham
Close, Jane Servant 11 Dallowgill
Foster, Ann Visitor 19 Farmer's Daughter Buckden
24 Swetton Bridge Myers, Samuel Head M 56 Farmer 90 acres employing 1 labourer Darley
Myers, Sarah Wife M 56 Darley
Myers, John Son 29 Farmer's Son Darley
Myers, Demain Son 21 Farmer's Son Darley
Myers, Mary Ann Daughter 19 Farmer's Daughter Darley
Benson, Francis Servant 56 Agricultural Labourer Thornthwaite
25 Vicar Pasture Clark, Thomas Head W 73 Farmer 80 acres Grantley
Whitwam, James Son-in-law M 38 Agricultural Labourer Grantley
Whitwam, Mary Daughter M 38 Grantley
Whitwam, Thomas Clark Grandson 1 Dallowgill
26 Greygarth Lofthouse, Christopher Head M Grocer Dallowgill
Lofthouse, Ann Wife M 52 Kirkby Malzeard
Lofthouse, George Son 37 Cordwainer Dallowgill
Lofthouse, Elijah Son 17 Cordwainer Dallowgill
27 Greygarth Ashby, Robert Head M 46 Farmer 18 acres Dallowgill
Ashby, Ann Wife M 52 Dallowgill
Ashby, Hannah Maria Daughter 15 Dallowgill
Ashby, Anthony Son 13 Scholar Dallowgill
Ashby, Robert Son 6 Scholar Dallowgill
28 Greygarth Cass, Mary Head M 62 Agricultural Labourer Galphay
Cass, Horatio Son 22 Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
Barker, Thomas Boarder 12 Dallowgill
29 Greygarth Cundall, John Head M 53 Farmer 118 acres Dallowgill
Cundall, Ann Wife M 44 Nidderdale
Cundall, Thomas Son 26 Farmer's Son Dallowgill
Cundall, John Son 20 Farmer's Son Dallowgill
Cundall, Henry Son 17 Farmer's Son Dallowgill
Cundall, Jane Daughter 12 Scholar Dallowgill
30 Dallow Hall Barker, John Head M 67 Farmer 152 acres employing 1 labourer Dallowgill
Barker, Jane Wife M 77 Arnagill
Spence, Mary Ann Granddaughter 22 Servant Spennithorne
Watson, George Servant 20 Agricultural Labourer Nidderdale
31 Dallow Ashby, John Head M 34 Shoemaker Dallowgill
Ashby, Catherine Wife M 32 Dallowgill
Ashby, Selina Daughter 7 Scholar Dallowgill
Ashby, Charlotte Daughter 5 Scholar Dallowgill
Ashby, Emily Daughter 1 Dallowgill
32 Dallow Ashby, William Head M 31 Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
Ashby, Mary Ann Wife M 26 Dallowgill
Ashby, Anthony Son 6 Scholar Dallowgill
Ashby, Arthur Son 4 Dallowgill
Ashby, Alfred Son 1 Dallowgill
33 Dallow Ashby, William Head M 64 Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
Ashby, Ann Wife M 63 Dallowgill
Ashby, Henry Son 27 Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
Ashby, William Grandson 12 Scholar Kirkby Malzeard
34 Bows Lorthouse, Willis Head M 40 Farmer 57 acres and Grocer Laverton
Lofthouse, Jane Wife M 41 Grewelthorpe
Lofthouse, Alfred Son 14 Farmer's Son Laverton
Lofthouse, Reuben Son 11 Scholar Laverton
Lofthouse, Jane Elizabeth Daughter 8 Scholar Laverton
Lofthouse, Alexander Son 6 Scholar Laverton
Lofthouse, Caroline Daughter 4 Laverton
35 Castiles Buckle, Matthew Head M 65 Farmer 247 acres employing 2 labourers and 1 boy Kirkby Malzeard
Buckle, Mary Wife M 62 Masham
Buckle, Richard Grandson 12 Laverton
Buckle, Mary Granddaughter 6 Kirkby Malzeard
Hawking, William Servant 19 Agricultural Labourer Nidderdale
36 Hogrowstone House Buckle, Matthew Head M 26 Agricultural Labourer Kirkby Malzeard
Buckle, Mary Wife M 33 Laverton
Buckle, Thompson Son 1 Laverton
37 Cross Hills Nelson, William Head M 46 Agricultural Labourer Masham
Nelson, Ann Wife M 35 Kirkby Malzeard
Nelson, Mary Daughter 12 Laverton
Nelson, Ann Daughter 1 Laverton
38 Cross Hills Watson, William Head M 28 Farmer 4 acres and Agricultural Labourer Sawley
Watson, Mary Wife M 30 Aldfield
Watson, Margaret Ann Daughter 1 Laverton
39 Cross Hills Ashby, Anthony Head M 56 Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
Ashby, Hannah Wife M 53 Nidderdale
Ashby, George Son 26 Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
Ashby, Amos Son 15 Dallowgill
40 Drovers Inn Miller, James Head M 38 Farmer 12 acres and Inkeeper Galphay
Miller, Elizabeth Wife M 39 Barton
Miller, Mary Daughter 10 Scholar Dallowgill
Miller, Elizabeth Daughter 5 Dallowgill
Miller, James Son 2 Dallowgill
41 Harper Hill Lofthouse, Christopher Head M 60 Farmer 70 acres Dallowgill
Lofthouse, Mary Wife M 38 Dallowgill
Lofthouse, Thomas Edwin Son 13 Farmer's Son Dallowgill
Lofthouse, Mary Ann Daughter 12 Dallowgill
Lofthouse, Christopher Son 10 Scholar Dallowgill
Lofthouse, John Son 8 Scholar Dallowgill
Lofthouse, Joshua Son 6 Scholar Dallowgill
Lofthouse, Zillah Daughter 7 months Dallowgill
Lofthouse, Matthew Brother 72 Broom Maker Dallowgill
Snowden, Edward Father-in-law 83 Pauper - former farmer Dallowgill
42 Skell Gill Carling, Matthew Head 26 Farmer 420 acres Middlesmoor
Carling, Joseph Brother 21 Agricultural Labourer Middlesmoor
Carling, Jane Sister 24 Middlesmoor
Carling, Joseph Uncle 54 Retired Farmer Middlesmoor
Stott, Elizabeth Servant 17 General Servant Middlesmoor
43 Lumley Nelson, Ann Head W 68 Farmer 150 acres Ripon
Nelson, George Son 42 Agricultural Labourer Kirkby Malzeard
Nelson, John Son 38 Agricultural Labourer Kirkby Malzeard
Nelson, Edward Son M 26 Agricultural Labourer Kirkby Malzeard
Peacock, George Grandson 17 Ripon
Peacock, John Grandson 15 Ripon
Peacock, Jonathon Grandson 11 Masham
Ball, Jane Servant 18 Servant Kirkby Malzeard
44 Wakehill Pearson, Henry Head M 32 Farmer 11 acres Skelding
Pearson, Margaret Wife M 44 Skelding
Pearson, Susannah Daughter 10 Scholar Dallowgill
Pearson, John William Son 3 Dallowgill
45 Wakehill Broadley, William Head M 52 Farmer 25 acres Nidderdale
Broadley, Elizabeth Wife M 51 Nidderdale
Broadley, William Son 19 Farmer's Son Craven
Broadley, Elizabeth Daughter 14 Pateley Bridge
46 Wakehill Ash, William Head M 43 Farmer 24 acres Ainderby
Ash, Jane Wife M 45 Ripon
Ash, William Son 8 Scholar Dallowgill
47 Wakehill Ashby, John Head M 66 Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
Ashby, Margaret Wife M 55 Pateley Bridge
48 Wakehill Ingleby, Susannah Head M 76 Farmer 10 acres Lofthouse
Ingleby, Robert Son 49 Farmer's Son Skelding
Bickerdyke, Ann Daughter M 55 Skelding
49 Wakehill Ingleby, Matthew Head M 36 Agricultural Labourer Skelding
Ingleby, Elizabeth Wife M 34 Dallowgill
Ingleby, Rosanna Daughter 12 Scholar Dallowgill
Ingleby, John Son 4 Dallowgill
Ingleby, Susannah Daughter 6 months Dallowgill
50 Ladyhill Metcalfe, Thomas Head M 40 Farmer Laverton
Metcalfe, Dinah Wife M 36 Dacre
Metcalfe, John Son 8 Scholar Laverton
Metcalfe, Elizabeth Daughter 7 Scholar Laverton
Metcalfe, Hannah Daughter 4 Laverton
Metcalfe, Jane Daughter 2 Laverton
Metcalfe, Ann Daughter 1 Laverton
51 Ladyhill Lofthouse, Elizabeth Head W 66 Farmer 37 acres Grewelthorpe
Lofthouse, Christopher Son 42 Farmer's Son Dallowgill
Lofthouse, George Son 25 Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
52 Swetton Barker, Thomas Head 72 Farmer 116 acres Dallowgill
King, John Brother-in-law M 50 Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
King, Margaret Sister M 57 Dallowgill
King, Thomas Nephew 25 Carpenter Dallowgill
King, John Nephew 23 Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
King, Reuben Nephew 21 Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
King, Robert Nephew 18 Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
Longster, Jane Servant 19 Yeadon
53 Beck Meetings Waite, Samuel Head M 67 Carpenter Risplith
Waite, Ann Wife M 71 Laverton
54 Low Ray Car Lofthouse, John Head M 36 Farmer and Cordwainer Kirkby Malzeard
Lofthouse, Jane Wife M 35 Ripon
Lofthouse, Mary Daughter 11 Scholar Kirkby Malzeard
Lofthouse, John Son 9 Kirkby Malzeard
Lofthouse, Dorothy Ann Daughter 1 Kirkby Malzeard
55 Low Ray Car Newbould, Sarah Head W 60 Former Farmer's Wife Pateley Bridge
56 High Ray Car Swain, Amos Head M 61 Farmer 36 acres Darley
Swain, Sarah Wife M 48 Bishop Thornton
Swain, Hannah Jane Daughter 11 Scholar Dallowgill
Swain, Joseph Son 9 Scholar Dallowgill
Swain, Thomas Son 7 Scholar Dallowgill
57 Belford Lofthouse, Christopher Head 65 Agricultural Labourer Kirkby Malzeard
58 Belford Calvert, Christopher Head M 26 Farmer 10 acres Laverton
Calvert, Elizabeth Wife M 21 Colsterdale
Calvert, Jane Daughter 1 Colsterdale
Calvert, Frances Sister 21 Galphay
59 Greygarth Empty
60 Sykes House Webster, Thomas Head M 69 Farmer Pannel
Webster, Dorothy Wife M 56 Kirkby Malzeard
Webster, Ellen Daughter 21 Seamstress Ripon
61 Wakehill Empty
62 Sykes House Metcalfe, Joseph Head W 49 Farmer 15 acres Hawes
Metcalfe, Ann Housekeeper 32 Housekeeper Hawes
Metcalfe, Edwin Son 9 Hawes
Metcalfe, Elizabeth Daughter 7 Hawes
Metcalfe, Tom Son 3 Laverton
63 Laverton Brown, Robert Head M 58 Agricultural Labourer Ripon
Brown, Charlotte Wife M 60 Tanfield
64 Laverton Wright, George Head M 63 Wheelwright and Draper Carlton
Wright, Ellen Wife M 59 Carlton
Wright, James Son 22 Joiner Laverton
Wright, Henrietta Daughter 19 Laverton
65 Laverton Ellis, John Head M 44 Farmer 7.5 acres and Agricultural Labourer Kirkby Malzeard
Ellis, Ann Wife M 38 Bishop Thornton
Ellis, Elizabeth Ann Daughter 12 Scholar Kirkby Malzeard
Ellia, Eliza Daughter 7 Scholar Kirkby Malzeard
Ellis, Sarah Daughter 5 Scholar Kirkby Malzeard
Ellis, John Son 2 Kirkby Malzeard
Ellis, Robert Son 6 months Kirkby Malzeard
66 Laverton Atkinson, William Head M 51 Blacksmith Laverton
Atkinson, Mary Wife M 50 Seamstress Sawley
Atkinson, Elizabeth Daughter 18 Seamstress Sawley
67 Laverton Tebb, John Head M 53 Agricultural Labourer Willerby
Tebb, Ann Wife M 56 Grantley
Tebb, Ann Daughter 15 Laverton
68 Laverton Reynard, Thomas Head M 44 Agricultural Labourer Kirkby Malzeard
Reynard, Jane Wife M 36 Laverton
Reynard, George Son 9 Scholar Kirkby Malzeard
69 Laverton Rawson, Thomas Head M 69 Agricultural Labourer Laverton
Rawson, Mary Wife M 64 Laverton
70 Laverton Carling, John Head M 40 Agricultural Labourer Ripon
Carling, Edith Wife M 47 Ilton
Carling, Thomas Son 12 Scholar Laverton
71 Laverton Close, Elizabeth Head W 41 Agricultural Labourer York
Close, George Son 6 Scholar Laverton
Close, Elizabeth Daughter 3 Laverton
Close, Isabella Daughter 9 months Laverton
72 Laverton Hudson, John Head M 30 Shoemaker Well
Hudson, Ellen Wife M 33 Laverton
Hudson, Jane Daughter 6 Scholar Laverton
Hudson, Thomas Son 3 Laverton
73 Laverton Richmond, Thomas Head 41 Landed Proprietor Bramley Grange
Richmond, Ellen Mother W 79 Bramley Grange
Linton, Ellen Servant W 56 Annuitant Bramley Grange
Pickles, Hannah Servant 21 Sharow
74 Laverton Empty
75 Laverton Fairgray, John Head M 62 Farmer 68 acres employing 3 labourers Ripon
Fairgray, Jane Wife M 52 Grewelthorpe
Ascough, Ellen Servant 18 Servant Bridlington
76 Laverton Moorhouse, John Head W 65 Gamekeeper Dacre Bank
Moorhouse, Catherine Daughter 32 Laverton
Moorhouse, Thomas Grandson 12 Scholar Laverton
Moorhouse, Matthew Grandson 5 Scholar Laverton
77 Laverton Exelby, William Head W 60 Market Gardener Laverton
Exelby, Thomas Son 30 Agricultural Labourer Laverton
Exelby, William Son 23 Agricultural Labourer Laverton
78 Laverton Lofthouse, John Head M 30 Agricultural Labourer and Inkeeper Dallowgill
Lofthouse, Mary Ann Wife M 32 Kirkby Malzeard
Lofthouse, Jane Ann Daughter 5 Hartlepool, Co. Durham
79 Laverton Varley, Margaret Head W 54 Independent Laverton
Varley, Elizabeth Daughter 29 Seamstress Beverley
80 Laverton Beck, William Head W 75 Pauper Laverton
81 Laverton Teal, Ann Head W 42 Agricultural Labourer Laverton
Teal, George Son 10 Scholar Laverton
82 Laverton Wells, Mitchell Head W 69 Retired Farmer Laverton
Wells, Ann Daughter 30 Clint
83 Laverton Rollinson, James Head M 60 Farmer 26 acres Stainburn
Rollinson, Susannah Wife M 50 Healey, Masham
84 Laverton Wintersgill, Matthew Head M 60 Farmer 32 acres Constable Burton
Wintersgill, Margaret Wife M 55 Healey, Masham
Wintersgill, Thomas Son 32 Farmer's Son Healey, Masham
Wintersgill, William Son 24 Farmer's Son Healey, Masham
Wintersgill, Sarah Daughter 19 Healey, Masham
Wintersgill, Ann Daughter 15 Healey, Masham
85 Laverton Haw, Zachariah Head M 42 Agricultural Labourer Laverton
Haw, Ann Wife M 35 Normanby
Haw, Mary Ann Daughter 12 Scholar Laverton
Haw, Hannah Elizabeth Daughter 2 Laverton
Haw, Charles William Son 6 months Laverton
86 Laverton Shaw, John Head M 65 Grocer Laverton
Shaw, Jane Wife M 70 Leeds
Shaw, George Grandson 4 Masham
87 Laverton Lofthouse, Charles Head M 67 Stonemason Dallowgill
Lofthouse, Matthew Son 27 Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
88 Laverton Carling, William Head M 68 Agricultural Labourer Winksley
Carling, Arabella Wife M 68 Ripon
89 Laverton Coldbeck, William Head W 83 Farmer 350 acres employing 1 labourer and 2 boys Littlethorpe
Coldbeck, James Son M 35 Farmer's Son Grewelthorpe
Coldbeck, Elizabeth Daughter-in-law M 35 Laverton
Coldbeck, William Grandson 9 Scholar Laverton
Coldbeck, Edwin Grandson 8 Scholar Laverton
Coldbeck, Sarah Ann Granddaughter 7 Scholar Laverton
Coldbeck, Henry Grandson 6 Scholar Laverton
Coldbeck, Leonard Grandson 5 Scholar Laverton
Coldbeck, John Thomas Grandson 4 Laverton
Coldbeck, Adah Granddaughter 3 Laverton
Coldbeck, Agnes Granddaughter 1 Laverton
Yeates, Richard Servant 17 Agricultural Labourer Sutton
Swales, John Servant 13 Agricultural Labourer Laverton
Cundall, Mary Servant 13 Servant Dallowgill
90 Laverton Stephenson, William Head W 45 Farmer 30 acres employing 1 boy Fellbeck
Stephenson, William Son 4 Laverton
Hardesty, Margaret Housekeeper 34 Servant Eights
Smith, John Servant 13 Servant Nosterfield
91 Laverton Henstock, Henry Head M 45 Tailor Sawley
Henstock, Mary Wife M 44 Laverton
Henstock, Margaret Daughter 5 Laverton
Henstock, Robert Henry Son 9 months Laverton
Township of Grewelthorpe                    
118 Carlesmoor Holdsworth, Thomas Head M 37 Farmer 15 acres Galphay
Holdsworth, Sarah Wife M 27 Farmer's Wife Laverton
Holdsworth, Ann Elizabeth Daughter 7 months Grewelthorpe
119 Carlesmoor Barker, Christopher Head M 38 Farmer 30 acres Eavestone
Barker, Elizabeth Wife M 38 Farmer's Wife Eavestone
Barker, John Son 9 Scholar Grewelthorpe
120 Carlesmoor Burrill, William Head M 49 Farmer 90 acres Kirkby Malzeard
Burrill, Jane Wife M 51 Farmer's Wife Kirkby Malzeard
Umpleby, George Servant 21 Carter Bradford
Turner, John Servant 17 Carter Grewelthorpe
Wood, Hannah Servant 20 Dairy Maid Grewelthorpe
121 Carlesmoor Calvert, William Head M 45 Farmer 27 acres Galphay
Calvert, Mary Wife M 35 Farmer's Wife Kirkby Malzeard
Calvert, John Son 8 Scholar Grewelthorpe
Calvert, Mary Jane Daughter 1 Grewelthorpe
122 Carlesmoor Parnaby, William Head M 68 Farmer 40 acres Eavestone
Parnaby, Isabella Wife M 65 Farmer's Wife Grewelthorpe
Parnaby, Edward Son 26 Farmer's Son Grewelthorpe
123 Carlesmoor Robinson, Henry Head M 43 Farmer 15 acres Burton
Robinson, Mary Ann Wife M 40 Farmer's Wife Melmerby
Robinson, Mary Jane Daughter 18 Grewelthorpe
Robinson, Henry Son 9 Scholar Grewelthorpe
Robinson, Leonard Son 6 Scholar Grewelthorpe
Robinson, Thomas Son 1 Grewelthorpe
Horner, Sarah Visitor M 45 Farmer's Wife Grewelthorpe
124 Carlesmoor Turner, William Head M 49 Agricultural Labourer Durham
Turner, Jane Wife M 48 Labourer's Wife Grewelthorpe
Turner, Ellen Daughter 20 Grewelthorpe
Turner, William Son 13 Scholar Grewelthorpe
Turner, Edward Son 1 Grewelthorpe
125 Carlesmoor Umpleby, Leonard Head M 47 Farmer 92 acres Grewelthorpe
Umpleby, Mary Wife M 44 Kirkby Malzeard
Umpleby, Hannah Daughter 21 Kirkby Malzeard
Umpleby, William Son 14 Kirkby Malzeard
Umpleby, Mary Daughter 13 Kirkby Malzeard
Umpleby, John Son 12 Kirkby Malzeard
Umpleby, Leonard Son 10 Kirkby Malzeard
Umpleby, Robert Son 8 Kirkby Malzeard
Umpleby, Jane Daughter 6 Kirkby Malzeard