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1871 census Page 1 Ecclesstical Parish: St Peter's Dallowgill (part of)        
Administrative County: Yorkshire   Rural District: Ripon Parliamentary Borough or Division: Ripon  
    Civil Parish: Laverton Age Last Birthday of Town, Village, Hamlet: Dallowgill  
No. of Schedule Road, Street and number or name of house Name and surname of each person Relation to Head of Family Condition as to Marriage Males Females Profession or Occupation Where Born
1 Dallow Hall George Barker Head W 51   Farmer of 46 acres Ramsgill
    Jane Barker Daughter S   17 Housekeeper Dallowgill
    John Barker Son S 14     Dallowgill
    Mary Barker Daughter S   12 Scholar Dallowgill
    Amelia Barker Daughter S   10 Scholar Dallowgill
2 Dallow William Ashby Head M 42   Labourer Dallowgill
    Mary Ann Ashby Wife M   35   Dallowgill
    Anthony Ashby Son S 16   Farm Servant Dallowgill
    Arthur Ashby Son S 13   Pedlar Dallowgill
    Alfred Ashby Son S 11   Scholar Dallowgill
    Albert Ashby Son S 7   Scholar Dallowgill
    John William Ashby Son S 4   Scholar Dallowgill
    Asa Ashby Son S 1   Scholar Dallowgill
    John Ashby Boarder W 75   Farm Labourer Dallowgill
3 Dallow Henry Ashby Head S 39   Farm Labourer Dallowgill
    Ann Ashby  Mother W   73 Housekeeper Dallowgill
    William Ashby Nephew S 23   Agricultural Labourer Kirkby Malzeard
4 Dallow Catherine Ashby Head W   42 Dressmaker Dallowgill
    Charlotte Ashby Daughter S   15   Dallowgill
    Emily Ashby Daughter S   11 Scholar Dallowgill
5 Wakehill (Manchester House?) Edward Parnaby Head S 33   Agricultural Labourer Grewelthorpe
6 Wakehill Robert Ingleby Head S 59   Farmer of 10 acres Skelding
    Elizabeth Ingleby Sister-in-law W   44 Housekeeper Dallowgill
    John Ingleby Nephew S 14   Servant Dallowgill
    Susannah Ingleby Niece S   10 Scholar Dallowgill
    Elizabeth Ingleby Niece S   6 Scholar Dallowgill
7 Wakehill (Low Wakehill?) William Ash Head M 53   Farmer of 31 acres Ainderby Quernhow
    Jane Ash Wife M   55   Ripon
    William Ash Son S 17   Farmer's Son Dallowgill
8 Wakehill Henry Pearson Head M 42   Farmer of 12 acres Skelding
    Margaret Pearson Wife M   54   Skelding
    Susannah Pearson Daughter S   20 Farmer's Daughter Dallowgill
    John William Pearson Son S 13     Dallowgill
9 Wakehill (Far Wakehill?) William Broadley Head M 63   Farmer of 25 acres Middlesmoor
    Elizabeth Broadley Wife M   63   Middlesmoor
    William Broadley Son S 29   Farmer's Son Dry Gill, Skipton
10 Harper Hill Christopher Lofthouse Head M 71   Farmer of 71 acres Dallowgill
    Mary Lofthouse Wife M   48   Dallowgill
    Matthew Lofthouse Brother S 82   Mason Dallowgill
    Thomas Edwin Lofthouse Son S 23   Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
    Christopher Lofthouse Son S 20   Agricultural Labourer Dallowgill
    Zillah Lofthouse Daughter S   10 Scholar Dallowgill
11 Skelgill Matthew Carling Head M 36   Farmer of 400 acres of sheepland Middlesmoor
    Sarah Carling Wife M   31   Middlesmoor
    Alice Jane Carling Daughter S   8 Scholar Laverton
    Eliza Mary Carling Daughter S   5   Laverton
    Sarah Carling Daughter S   2   Laverton
    Matthew Dickinson Servant S 27   Farm Servant Lofthouse
    Mary Spence Servant S   20 General Servant Ramsgill
12 Lumley Moor John Nelson Head M 48   Farmer of 200 acres, employing 2 men Lungley 
    Margaret Nelson Wife M   34   Grantley
    George Nelson Son S 8   Scholar Lungley
    William Nelson Son S 5     Lungley
    Mary Ann Nelson Daughter S   3   Lungley
    Ida Nelson Daughter S   6 months   Lungley
    Mary Metcalf Servant S   17 General Servant Nidderdale
    John Varley Servant S 16   Farm Servant Grantley
13 Laverton Mount John Carter Head M 32   Farmer of 42 acres Hudswell
    Mary Hannah Carter Wife M   32   Busby Stoop
    Ann Kettlewell Mother-in law W 65   Annuitant Wath, Ripon
14 Mississe William Stephenson Head M 54   Owner and farmer of 12 acres Fellbeck
    Margaret Stephenson Wife M   45   Heights
    William Stephenson Son S 14   Scholar at Kirkby Malzeard School Laverton
15 High Mississe Robert Pickles Head M 60   Farmer of 53 acres Grewelthorpe
    Hannah Pickles Wife M   60   Ripon
    John Robert Pickles Son S 25   Farmer's Son Markington
    Jane Pickles Daughter S   17 Farmer's Daughter Ripon
    Jonathon Pickles Son S 16   Farmer's Son Ripon
16 Hole House George Kendall Head M 50   Farmer of 30 acres Dallowgill
    Elizabeth Kendall Wife M   47   Horsers (Horsehouse)
    Margaret Kendall Daughter S   21 Farmer's Daughter Dallowgill
    John Thomas Kendall Son S 14     Margretton, Essex
    Annas Kendall Daughter S   12   Leeds
    Peter Yeoman Kendall Son S 8     Springfield
    Ebenezer Kendall Grandson S 1     Laverton
17 Mississe William Coldbeck Head W 93   Farmer of 370 acres Littlethorpe
    James Coldbeck Son M 43   Farm Bayliff Grewelthorpe
    Elizabeth Coldbeck Daughter-in-law M   43 Housekeeper Lungley
    William Coldbeck Grandson S 19   Farm Servant Laverton
    Henry Coldbeck Grandson S 16   Farm Servant Laverton
    Leonard Coldbeck Grandson S 15   Farm Servant Laverton
    Ada Coldbeck Granddaughter S   13 Scholar Laverton
    Agnes Coldbeck Granddaughter S   10 Scholar Laverton
    Emma Coldbeck Granddaughter S   9 Scholar Laverton
    James Coldbeck Grandson S 6   Scholar Laverton
    Jane Curry Servant S   20 General Servant Thirsk
18 Salt Cotes George Wood Head M 66   Farmer of 10 acres Kirkby Malzeard
    Jane Wood Wife M   67   Kirkby Malzeard
    Jane Wood Granddaughter S   8 Scholar Winksley
19 Laverton Thomas Cundall Head M 36   Farmer of 30 acres Dallowgill
    Mary Cundall Wife M   39   Dallowgill
    Henry Cundall Son S 3     Azerley
    Jane Cundall Daughter S   6weeks   Laverton
    Margaret Topham Servant S   28 General Servant Hartwith
20 Uninhabited              
21 Laverton John Shaw Head M 75   Grocer etc Laverton
    Ann Shaw Wife M   63   Grewelthorpe
22 Laverton Charles Lofthouse Head W 78   Mason Dallowgill
23 Laverton Mary Leeming Head W   68 Pauper - former farmers wife Galphay
24 Laverton James Rollinson Head W 69   Farmer of 26 acres Clint
    Ann Teal Servant W   52 Housekeeper Laverton
25 Uninhabited              
26 Laverton Ellen Linton Head W   68 Annuitant Bramley
27 Laverton John Hudson Head M 40   Shoemaker Healey
    Ellen Hudson Wife M   42   Laverton
    Jane Hudson Daughter S   16   Laverton
    Thomas Hudson Son S 13   Scholar Laverton
    Elizabeth Ann Hudson Daughter S   9 Scholar Laverton
    Anne Hudson Daughter S   6 Scholar Laverton
    Ellen Hudson Daughter S   3 Scholar Laverton
28 Laverton Richard Parker Head M 37   Grocer and farmer of 4 acres Laverton
    Elizabeth Parker Wife M   39   Laverton
    Margaret Varley Mother-in-law W   65 Annuitant Laverton
29 Laverton John Lofthouse Head M 40   Innkeeper and farmer of 18 acres Laverton
    Mary Ann Lofthouse Wife M   41   Kirkby Malzeard
30 Laverton John Moorhouse Head W 75   Farmer of 7 acres Dacre
    Elizabeth Moorhouse Daughter-in-law W   31 Housekeeper Idle
    Thomas Moorhouse Grandson S 22   Joiner Dacre
    Jane Moorhouse Granddaughter S   11 Scholar Dallowgill
31 Laverton Jane Fairgray Head W   63 Lady Bridlington
    William Wintersgill Servant S 33   General Servant Healey
    Mary Miller Servant S   20 Domestic servant Laverton
32 Laverton William Lofthouse Head M 42   Mason and farmer of 3 acres Laverton
     Catherine Lofthouse Wife M   42   Laverton
33 Laverton Richard Richmond Head M 24   Labourer Kirkby Malzeard
    Mary Richmond Wife M   23   Kirkby Malzeard
    William Arthur Richmond Son S 4 mths     Laverton
34 uninhabited              
35 absent              
36 Laverton Elizabeth Close Head W   54 Charwoman Leeds
    Elizabeth Close Daughter S   12 Scholar Dallowgill
37 Laverton Thomas Richmond Head M 51   Farmer of 22 acres and landowner Bramley Grange
    Ann Richmond Wife M   40   Kirkby Malzeard
    George David Richmond Son S  4     Laverton
    Helen Rebecca Daughter S   2   Laverton
    John Richmond Son S 1     Laverton
    Caroline Lofthouse Servant S   14 Nursemaid Dallowgill
    Maria Simpson Servant S   28 General Servant Langthorpe
38 Laverton Henry Hainstock Head M 49   Tailor and Farmer of 11 acres Sawley
    Mary Hainstock Wife M   54   Eavestone
    Margaret Hainstock Daughter S   10 Scholar Laverton
    William Auton Visitor S 36     Darley
39 Laverton John William Richmond Head M 26   Carpenter Laverton
    Hannah Richmond Wife M   26   Laverton
    William Richmond Son S 1     Laverton
40 Laverton Thomas Exelby Head M 39   Farmer of 10 acres Laverton
    Elizabeth Exelby Wife M   41   Leyburn
    Charles Edward Exelby Son S 8   Scholar Laverton
    Louisa Mary Exelby Daughter S   6 Scholar Laverton
    John Thomas Exelby Son S 4   Scholar Laverton
    William Exelby Son S 2     Laverton
41 Laverton John Tebb Head W 62   Farmer of 8 acres Scarborough
    James Wood  Son-in-law M 29   Farm servant Kirkby Malzeard
    Ann Wood Daughter M   25   Laverton
42 Laverton George Wright Head W 78   Carpenter and farmer of 9 acres Carlton-in-Coverdale
    Elizabeth Wright Daughter S   32 Dressmaker Laverton
    George Wright Grandson S 1     Laverton
43 Laverton John Ellis Head M 52   Dry stone waller and farmer of 9 acres Laverton
    Ann Ellis Wife M   48   Laverton
    John Ellis Son S 12   Scholar Laverton
    Robert Ellis Son S 10   Scholar Laverton
    Thomas Ellis Son S 7   Scholar Laverton
    Emma Ellis Daughter S   5 Scholar Laverton
    Frederick Ellis Son S 3     Laverton
44 Laverton Emanuel Moorhouse Head M 52   Farmer of 11 acres Ashaw
    Isabella Moorhouse Wife M   49   Whitcliffe, Ripon
    Mary Jane Moorhouse Daughter S 13   Scholar Baldersby
45 Syke House Joseph Metcalf Head M 58   Farmer of 9 acres Bustwick
    Anne Metcalf Wife M   40   Buckden
    Tom Metcalf Son S 13   Scholar Laverton
    Isabella Metcalf Daughter S   9 Scholar Laverton
    Barnett Metcalf Son S 7   Scholar Laverton
46 Carter Syke William Andrews Head M 48   Blacksmith and farmer of 20 acres Friskuby, Lincs
    Ann Andrews Wife M   38   Carthorpe
    George Andrews Son S 11   Scholar Kirby Hill
47 Drovers Inn James Miller Head M 48   Innkeeper and farmer of 16 acres Azerley
    Elizabeth Miller Wife M   49   Barton
    James Miller Son S 12   Scholar Belforth
    Marmaduke Miller Son S 9   Scholar Belforth
    Jane Ann Miller Daughter S   6 Scholar Belforth
48 Hoggerstone Hill John Cleasby Head M 50   Farmer of 18 acres and plasterer? Richmond
    Hannah Cleasby  Wife M   60   Stean, Pateley Bridge
49 Belforth Demain Myers Head M 31   Farmer of 28 acres Darley
    Sarah Jane Myers Wife M   22   Dallowgill
    Annie Myers Daughter S   4mths   Ray Carr
    John Calvert Boarder S 23   Gamewatcher Grewelthorpe
50 Belforth John Leeming Head M 54   Farmer of 10 acres Mouse Hall, Azerley
    Sarah Leeming Servant M   57 Housekeeper Eavestone
    John Steel Boarder S 57   Agricultural labourer Warsill
51 Swetton (Low Swetton?) John King Head W 59   Farmer of 117 acres Carlsmoor
    Mary King Mother W   83 Annuitant Scar House
    Reuben King Son M 31   Farm labourer Swetton
    Elizabeth King Daughter-in-law M   24 Housekeeper Dry Gill
    Margaret King Granddaughter S   10mths   Dallowgill
    Joseph C King Grandson S 10   Scholar Dallowgill
52 Swetton (Vicar Pasture?) Thomas Clarke Head W 83   Farmer of 79 acres Grantley
    James Whitwham Son-in-law M 47   Farmer Grantley
    Mary Whitwham Daughter M   47   Grantley
    Thomas Clark Whitwam Grandson S 11   Scholar Dallowgill
53 Swetton Bridge Thomas Layfield Head M 45   Farmer of 100 acres Stonebeck Down
    Jane Layfield Wife M   33   Dacre
    Edwin Layfield Son S 17   Farmers son Hartwith
    Zilpha Layfield Daughter S   13   Hartwith
    Alice Jane Layfield Daughter S   7   Hartwith
    Amise Maria Bake Layfield Daughter S   2   Hartwith
54 Swetton (High Swetton?) Jonathon Peacock Head M 47   Farmer of 157 acres employing 1 man Braithwaite Hall
    Elizabeth Peacock Wife M   47   Swetton
    Jonathon Peacock Son S 17   Farmers son Bullring
    William Peacock Son S 15     Bullring
    Sarah Johnson Servant S   19 General Servant Thornborough
55 Swetton Farm John Burrill Head M 43   Farmer of 73 acres Swetton
    Jane Burrill Wife M   43   Coverdale
    William John Burrill Son S 15   Farm assistant Swetton
    John William Burrill Son S 12   Farm assistant Swetton
    Robert Henry Burrill Son S 8   Scholar Swetton
    Peter Leonard Burrill Son S 6   Scholar Swetton
    Susannah Burrill Mother W   73 Annuitant Swetton
    Mary Calvert Servant S   16 General Servant Grewelthorpe
56 Hawsett William Metcalf Head M 59   Farm labourer Holmes, Kirkby Malzeard
    Ann Metcalf Wife M   58   Ramsgill
57 Greygarth John Cundall Head M 63   Farmer of 120 acres Dallowgill
    Ann Cundall Wife M    55   Lofthouse
    Henry Cundall Son S 25   Farm assistant Dallowgill
    John Calvert Servant S 18   General Servant Carlsmoor
58 Greygarth John Paley Head M 38   Farm labourer Nidderdale
    Rebecca Paley Wife M   39   Dallowgill
    Ann Paley Daughter S   11 Scholar Dallowgill
    Isabella Paley Daughter S   5 Scholar Dallowgill
    Dorothy Paley Daughter S   3 Scholar Dallowgill
    Ellin Paley Daughter S   1   Dallowgill
59 Greygarth George Lofthouse Head S 47   Shoemaker Dallowgill
60 Empty              
61 Greygarth Robert Ashby Head M 56   Farmer of 16 acres Dallowgill
    Ann Ashby Wife M   62   Dallowgill
    Hannah Maria Ashby Daughter S   25   Dallowgill
    Anthony Ashby Son S 23   Grocer etc Dallowgill
    Robert Ashby Son S 16   Farm assistant Dallowgill
62 Greygarth - empty              
63 Greygarth Mary Cass Head W   72 Charwoman Azerley
    Horatio Cass Son S 32   Agricultural labourer Dallowgill
64 Mallaby House Matthew Barker Head M 47   Game watcher and farmer of 19 acres Ramsgill
    Margaret Barker Wife M   45   Dallowgill
    Sarah Jane Barker Daughter S   17 Dressmaker Dallowgill
65 Tom Corner Isabella Suttill Head W   46 Farmer of 30 acres Dallowgill
    William Suttill  Son S 21   Farm assistant Dallowgill
    Frances Suttill Daughter S   12 Scholar Dallowgill
66 Shooters Inn John Cundall Head M 30   Innkeeper and farmer of 12 acres Dallowgill
    Mary Cundall Wife M   34   Dallowgill
    Leonard Cundall Son S 9   Scholar Dallowgill
    Robert Cundall Son S 5   Scholar Dallowgill
67 Dallowgill (Glenview?) Isabella Kay Head W   65 Farmer of 35 acres Dallowgill
    Ellen Kay Daughter S   32 Farm assistant Dallowgill
    Margaret Brown Daughter M   28 Stonemasons Wife Dallowgill
    David Brown Son-in-law M 40   Stonemason  Lofthouse
    John Kay Brown Grandson S 3mths     Dallowgill
68 Potter Lane (Dicks?) Richard Umpleby Head S 40   Broommaker Dallowgill
69 Dalton Lodge John Broadley Head M 32   Farmer of 58 acres Middlesmoor
    Mary Broadley Wife M   23   Dallowgill
    Mary Ann Broadley Daughter S   5   Dallowgill
    John Broadley Son S 2mths     Dallowgill
70 Quarry House Francis Metcalfe Head M 45   Farm labourer Ramsgill
    Mary Metcalfe Wife M   40   Coverdale
    Joseph Metcalfe Son S 21     Nidderdale
    Eden Metcalfe Daughter S   14   Nidderdale
    Jane Metcalfe Daughter S   10   Nidderdale
    Matthew Wintersgill Metcalfe Son S 5     Nidderdale
    Dorothy Metcalfe Daughter S   3   Nidderdale
71 Bents House John Burrill Head M 67   Farm baliff Dallowgill
    Mary Burrill Wife M   66   Kirkby Malzeard
72 Uninhabited              
73 Green John Imeson Head S 59   Stonecutter Nidderdale
74 Dallowgill (Grey Green?) Richard Pearson Head M 46   Landowner and farmer of 59 acres Dallowgill
    Martha Pearson Wife M   41   Kirkby Malzeard
    John Richard (?) Pearson Son S 11   Scholar Kirkby Malzeard
    Mary Richmond Pearson Daughter S   6 Scholar Dallowgill
    Mary Clarke Servant S   13 General servant Masham
    Leonard Thackwray Servant S 16   Farm servant Winksley
75 Stubbings William Ingleby Head M 35   Farmer of 22 acres Kirkby Malzeard
    Sarah Ann Ingleby Wife M   37   Manchester, Lancs
    Ann Ingleby Daughter S   9 Scholar Dallowgill
    Walter Henry Ingleby Son S 1     Dallowgill
76 Lunterstone James Cundall Head M 55   Farmer of 75 acres Dallowgill
    Ellen Cundall Wife M   52   Masham
    Matthew Cundall Son S 16   Farmers son Dallowgill
    James Cundall Son S 10   Scholar Dallowgill
77 Parsonage John Archibald Shaw Head M 38   Vicar Malta
    Sophia Abigail Shaw Wife M   31   Carlton Husthwaite
    Henry Archibald Shaw Son S 6     Carlton Husthwaite
    Henry Peckitt Nephew S 5     Hutton Sessay
    Hannah Houseman Servant S   19 General servant Ellenthorpe
    Elizabeth Close Servant S   19 Nursemaid Thormaby
78 School Edwin Wilson Head M 35   Schoolmaster Beverley
    Margaret Wilson Wife M   31   Dallowgill
    Edwin Harker Wilson Son S 8   Scholar Dallowgill
    Mary Wilson Daughter S   10 Scholar Dallowgill
    Jane Annie Wilson Daughter S   6 Scholar Dallowgill
    Frank Wilson Son S 3     Dallowgill
    Lawrence Wilson Son S 1     Dallowgill
79 Knott Henry Lofthouse Head M 52   Farmer of 45 acres Dallowgill
    Margaret Lofthouse Wife M   47   Dallowgill
    Emley Lofthouse Daughter S   24 Farmers daughter Dallowgill
80 Ladyhill Thomas Metcalfe Head M 50   Farmer of 35 acres Dallowgill
    Dinah Metcalfe Wife M   46   Dacre Banks
    Hannah Metcalfe Daughter S   14 Scholar Dallowgill
    George Metcalfe Son S 8   Scholar Dallowgill
    William Metcalfe Son S 6     Dallowgill
    Mary Metcalfe Daughter S   4   Dallowgill
    Matthew Percy Metcalfe Son S 2     Dallowgill
81 Ladyhill Elizabeth Lofthouse Head W   77 Farmer of 34 acres Grewelthorpe
    Christopher Lofthouse Son M 49   Farm labourer Dallowgill
    Frances Lofthouse Daughter-in-law M   32   Dallowgill
    Jane Elizabeth Lofthouse Granddaughter S   8 Scholar Dallowgill
    Harriet Lofthouse Granddaughter S   4   Dallowgill
    Emma Lofthouse Granddaughter S   7mths   Dallowgill
82 Low Ray Carr John Lofthouse Head M 46   Shoemaker and farmer of 14 acres Dallowgill
    Jane Lofthouse Wife M   45   Ripon
    John Lofthouse Son S 19   Shoemaker   Dallowgill
    Dorothy Ann Lofthouse Daughter  S   11 Scholar Dallowgill
    Margaret Lofthouse Daughter S   9 Scholar Dallowgill
    Christopher Lofthouse Son S 6   Scholar Dallowgill
83 Ray Carr Joseph Richmond Head M 45   Farmer of 39 acres Kirkby Malzeard
    Agnes Richmond Wife M   49   Masham
    Edward Richmond Son S 13   Scholar Dallowgill
    Joseph Richmond Son S 10   Scholar Dallowgill
    William Richmond Son S 8   Scholar Dallowgill
    Mary Richmond    Daughter S   7 Scholar Dallowgill
    Elizabeth Richmond Daughter S   5 Scholar Dallowgill
84 Castiles Matthew Buckle Head M 36   Farmer of 247 acres of sheepland Kirkby Malzeard
    Mary Buckle Wife M   43   Dallowgill
    Thompson Buckle Son S 11   Scholar Dallowgill
    Erasmus Buckle Son S 9   Scholar Dallowgill
    William Richmond Servant S 19   Farm servant Winksley
    Ann Horsley Servant S   18 General servant Hewick
85 Horner House (Cross Hills?) (William Nelson) (Head) (M)     Absent (Farm labourer)  
    Ann Nelson Wife M   45 Charwoman Dallowgill
    Mary Nelson Daughter S   22 Dressmaker Dallowgill
    Ann Nelson Daughter S   11   Dallowgill
    Richard Buckle Boarder S 22   An invalid from a boy by accident Dallowgill
87 Cross Hills William Kendray Head S 28   Gamekeeper Mickley
    Elizabeth Kendray Mother W   67 Housekeeper Leeds
88 Bowes Willis Lofthouse Head W 50   Farmer of 50 (or 54) acres Dallowgill
    Matilda Lofthouse Daughter S   23 Housekeeper Dallowgill
    Reuben Lofthouse Son S 21   Farm Manager Dallowgill
    Priscilla Lofthouse Daughter S   19 Farmers daughter Dallowgill
    Jane Elizabeth Lofthouse Daughter S   18 Farmers daughter Dallowgill
89 Swetton William Kendall Head S 40   Besommaker Dallowgill
90 Salt Cotes Margaret Allan Head W   52 Charwoman Laverton
    Robert Allan Son S 25   Farm labourer Laverton
    William Allan Son S 21   Farm labourer Laverton
91 Ray Carr Sarah Newbold Head W   70 Washerwoman Pateley Bridge
117 Carlsmoor Leonard Umpleby Head M 57   Owner and farmer of 79 acres Kirkby Malzeard
    Mary Umpleby Wife M   54   Kirkby Malzeard
    William Umpleby Son S 24   Farmers son Kirkby Malzeard
    Robert Umpleby Son S 17   Farmers son Kirkby Malzeard
    Jane Umpleby Daughter S   16 Farmers daughter Kirkby Malzeard
  Two uninhabited              
118 Carlsmoor Roger Horner Head M 53   Farmer of 17 acres Dallowgill
    Elizabeth Horner Wife M   55   Laverton
    Frederick Horner Grandson S 6     Skelden
119 Carlsmoor William Burrill Head M 59   Owner and farmer of 120 acres mostly sheepland Dallowgill
    Jane Burrill Wife M   62   Dallowgill
    Leonard Peter Burrill Nephew S 12   Scholar Dallowgill
    Rose H Ingleby Servant S   22 General Servant Skelden
    George Umpleby Servant S 28   Farm servant Laverton
120 Carlsmoor William Thackray Head M 38   Farmer of 17 acres Eavestone
    Jane Thackray Wife M   31   Hauxwell
    Anne Thackray Daughter S   10 Scholar Eavestone
    Ruth Thackray Daughter S   7 Scholar Eavestone
121 Carlsmoor Charles Lee Head S 54   Retired farmer Patrington
    Margaret Lee Sister S   59 Annuitant Patrington
122 Carlsmoor Christopher Barker Head M 48   Farmer of 62 acres employing 1 man Appletreewick
    Elizabeth Barker Wife M   48   Eavestone
    John Barker Son S 18   Farmers son Grewelthorpe
123 Carlsmoor Joseph Barker Head M 23   Agricultural labourer Grewelthorpe
    Alice Barker Wife M   18   Dallowgill
    Christopher Barker Son S 5mths     Grewelthorpe
124 Carlsmoor William Calvert Head M 55   Farmer of 27 acres Galphay
    Mary Calvert Wife M   45   Kirkby Malzeard
    Mary Jane Calvert Daughter S   11 Scholar Grewelthorpe