Tithe Schedule - Laverton and Dallowgill 1838

The following link takes you to the Laverton and Dallowgill
TITHE SCHEDULE 1838 transcribed by Carol Metcalfe

The map that goes with it is available at Northallerton Records Office,
or can be viewed at the local
Dallowgill History Group Meetings, either digitally or hard copy.

The PDF file contains a page with the names of the properties
laverton & dallowgill tithe schedule trans. by carol Metcalfe.pdf

laverton & dallowgill tithe schedule transcribed by carol Metcalfe.xlsx

Tithe Schedule - Carlsmoor 1839

The following link takes you to the Carlsmoor Tithe Schedule,
transcribed by Carol Metcalfe.

carlesmoor tithe schedule.xlsx